Jan 282022
Review: Tales of Santa
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TITLE: Tales of Santa

AUTHOR: Amyra Wadhwa (8-year-old magic weaver)


TYPE: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


I’m posting this review on behalf of my 7-year-old son, Sharav.

After the joyous, bright month of December, we tend to get a little sad but, do you know that I will never be downhearted, as the Tales of Santa book will give all the warmth and love that Christmas brings in. 

Tales of Santa is a collection of two stories- How Christmas was saved, and Reindeer’s Good Deed.

My favourite lines- Alacazam, Alacazoom!

Let me first tell you a little about these two stories. The first story is a sweet fantasy tale where an evil fairy, Fia, who hated Christmas, wanted to spoil Christmas forever. Fia planned to cast a magical spell on Santa and his elves, who were busy packing toys, to spread happiness all around. She turned Santa’s place into an angry place. The news reached the penguins living in the South Pole. They all got worried and decided to call Candy, a very kind fairy, to rescue Christmas. But, it wasn’t easy to call Candy. The penguins had to repeat the magic words five times without a break to call Candy. How the little penguin, Anna, bravely escapes the evil plans of Fia and succeeds in calling out Candy for help was a delight to read. The story highlights that good always wins over evil.

I loved the second story a bit more. It had everything – goodness, magic, love and care. The story was about how the kind reindeers nurture an old abandoned Christmas tree. How sincerely Dancer and other reindeers care for the tree is heart-warming. It was a reminder to take care of our trees and give them unconditional love if we wish to have a better future. No good deed ever goes wasted; the beautiful Christmas tree returned all the love by giving the reindeers a magical potion to cure Santa Claus before Christmas Eve.

My favourite picture from the book

I loved Amyra’s writing; it was simple, vivid and enjoyable. Also, big and bright illustrations sprinkle a little more magic into the story. Thank you, Amyra, because now I can feel the Christmas cheer whenever I want to.

If Christmas is your favourite time of the year and you do not like waiting for it, like me, then bring Tales of Santa home and feel the goodness of Christmas all year round.

Thank you once again, Amyra, for inspiring me to write as well, and even if I don’t end up writing one of my own, I can always read yours.

Best Wishes, Amyra! I hope you continue spinning your magic wand and write more stories for us.

Happy Reading, everyone!

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