May 162022
May you wish for these books in May!
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THE BAD GUYS BOOKS by Aaron Blabey

Three Little Vikings Quoting Amar:

We want our kids to be kind, but when they see an adult authority figure, with a booming voice, all the kindness and compassion we’ve taught them, intuitively tells them that this person is someone we need to be scared of. That is often not the case, and kids need to be able to think for themselves always, and be assertive where they think they need to be. This book, Three little Vikings is as much about standing up to authority figures as it is about girl power, being assertive and being confident. The three little girls know that there is something or someone who is destroying their village, but their concerns keep getting dismissed by the chief, who says in a booming voice “Nonsense! I’m the chief, and I know best”. So, the girls take matters into their own hands and decide to investigate. What will they find? Will the chief admit he was wrong? If your child finds teachers intimidating, please get this book to tell them that no one, not even teachers are perfect, and that they must always use their intelligence to think about situations.This is perfect for ages 4 and above.

Feelings: A lift-the-flap book of emotions: A lift-the-flap board book of emotions (Find Out About)

The Colour Monster Achira highly recommends it.

I Am a Tractor Board book 0-3 years

Good Little Wolf by Nadia Shireen for 3-5 years. Amardeep recommends this book to tell children that not all people / children are kind / nice. Kind hearted people / kids tend to believe everyone is like them, and trust them easily – this book will tell them otherwise, in a slightly funny way.

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs – Smugglers Bay!  by Giles Andreae

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs the Magic Cutlass by Giles Andreae

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs  by Giles Andreae

First Week at Cow School: A funny farmyard story, perfect for children starting school 

Biscuit Goes to School (My First I Can Read) for 4-8 years

The Lost Spells: An enchanting, beautiful book for lovers of the natural world. Piyali Gupta a special educator highly recommends it: “The spells are to be read aloud to make children fall in love with the magic of the language! Our inter school fest this year was based on words. We gave copies of this book to the judges for various events and they loved it!”

Get Off That Camel for 4-6 years Sharadhi’s daughter has done a read aloud here.

MOG books by Judith Kerr for 2/3-5 years

Don’t You Dare Brush My Hair 

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! (by the author of Counting Cats!) (32 pages)

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s First Glasses for 3-6 years (24 pages)

Douglas, You Need Glasses! for 3-7 years (40 pages)

I’m the Best for 3-6 years (32 pages)

I Walk with Vanessa: A Story About a Simple Act of Kindness: for 4-8 years

Zach Gets Frustrated (Zach Rules) for 5-8 years

How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures (All Aboard Book) Ruth Heller HOW TO HIDE books on animal camouflage are highly recommended.

Tom and Jerry Comics (Green) Paperback


Gautam Buddha books for children

Swami Vivekananda books for children

Good Morning India!  recommended by Mona Sharma. In her words, “Four different religions, four different places of worship, four different names but bound by friendship they all play under the same blue sky.”

The Best of Dabung Girl, SuperAvni and Purple Flame – Superhero comic books collection in English for 6 years+. Quoting Mona who has them:

These comic books are much more than Indian superheroes..

Fight for equality and spread awareness about Down Syndrome, child abuse, child helplines, gender stereotypes, dyslexia, child marriage, child trafficking and cyber crime!!

Judy Bloome Pain and the Great One series

Ramona and Her Mother for 8-12 years (224 pages)

Number the Stars (Essential Modern Classics) 176 pages

Accidental Trouble Magnet: Book 1 (Planet Omar) for 9-11/12 years. There is a Planet Omar series which you can check out as well!

The Astounding Broccoli Boy for 9-11 years (415 pages)

Change Starts Young (120 pages)

No Ordinary Girl: Bk. 1 (H2O: Just Add Water) 128 pages

Taranauts 5: The Mystery Of The Syntilla Silvers 124 pages

DK Know Your Sport: Featuring more than 35 exciting sports and how they are played  64 pages

Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day: Book 1 for 10-12 years

Coram Boy for 11-15 years


Usborne Little Children’s Space Activity Book (Little Children’s Activity Books) for 4-7 years

RISE UP ART AND CRAFT BOOKS Amardeep highly recommends these.

CLI-Set Of 18 Books (Children’s Language and Intestests Reading Programme)– helpful to introduce english to hindi speakers.

If any of you are looking for age appropriate art and craft books that the kids can do themselves, these RiseUp Art and Craft series are perfect. The book has a good mix of coloring, color by code, painting, and craft activities (the book includes all the material you will need), all of which help in developing fine motor skills, keep them engaged and stop my hair from falling out further! They also come for different age groups – the one I have is for grade 1, and Neil is able to do most stuff himself, except for some of the cutting.

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