Jun 242021
Lots of Gadbad-Ghotala with Ninja Nani & The Freaky Food Festival! [Review]
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Title: Ninja Nani & The Freaky Food Festival

Author: Lavanya Karthik

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Duckbill/Penguin

Recommended age group: 10+ (8+ in case of advanced learners)

Prepare for loud guffaws and lots of gadbad-ghotala with Ninja Nani & The Freaky Food Festival!

Gadbad. Gadbad. Gadbad. What else do you expect to happen in a town called Gadbadnagar? To add to the ghotala, there is a Nani who turns into a Ninja, a celebrity chef who is coming to town to meet a superhero no one has seen, countless citizens masquerading as the superhero (aka Nani) and a dog who dreams of becoming a chef. Uff, and we are just getting started! Did I mention an alien?

Aparajita (my 8-year-old) and I laughed heartily at everything that was happening in the book, so basically we were laughing at every page. 

Being an author-illustrator, Lavanya Karthik has filled the book up with loads of hilarious illustrations that are just as funny and add to the narrative. The humour in the book is tongue-in-cheek so it takes a while to grow on the reader which is why I think it is suitable for 10+. 

This is our first Ninja Nani although there are three other titles in the series. But like all good series, we did not feel that we had missed out on anything crucial from the previous books since we were filled in on all the gadbad suitably throughout the book.

Aparajita thought that the overdose of monsters in all hues including the sea monsters and the ice monsters and the dreaded Noodle Monster was just super funny. She also found it quite silly that no one guessed that the superhero was Deepu’s Nani despite all the clues such as — Nani disappearing in the middle of breakfast, rescuing world-renowned Chef D on prime time television and the likes — hiding in plain sight. Silly folks of Gadbadnagar. 

But psst…Gadbadnagar doesn’t know who the superhero is just yet. So let’s keep reading the series and laugh at just how silly and funny all of Gadbadnagar can get! No pressure, Lavanya Karthik but when is the next book coming out?

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