Jan 042019
Review: Mother Knows Best!
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Book: Mother Knows Best!

Author: Jill Murphy

Soft book

Ages: 0-6 years

I wonderful tale all Moms can relate to

I admit, I bought this book online just because of the title. Of course, Mother knows best! We gave birth to you!!! I would often think in my mind every time my boy would question or argue.

You know the saying in Hindi ‘Ghar ki murgi dal barabar’? Basically if you tell your child that you know better than he does, do you think he would believe it? That’s why I bought this book and we both loved reading it together.

As we sat down and read each page, my boy (at that time was 4 years old) would sneak a mischievous glance at me. It was as if he was telling me “Haha mom I do this too.”

This is a beautiful and relatable story of a bear mother and child spending the day at home. The humorous portrayal of how the child, Bradley keeps pestering his mother with questions all day long. Poor mother just wants a moment to herself. We all have been in that situation. They talk about dinosaur pets, going up in an air balloon and having cake for breakfast. Mother tries her very best to give the right answer to him patiently.

Curious Bradley is clearly bored and again turns to his mother for some activities. He is asked to draw a picture, watch some television, play a game but still his mind doesn’t rest.They make pancakes together and finally tired mom takes him out to the park. Bradley’s questions of Why this Why that never stop and poor mom finally answers in desperation “Because Mother knows best!”

It is a simple and humorous story of real life situation which all mothers go through. After reading this book every time my child doesn’t listen i say “Mother knows best!” It doesn’t work all the time though. To make our story fun we take the dialogues of the story and enact it. My son would say “Muuuummmm” and I say “Yes Bradley” while we read the story. Other books written by Jill Murphy are A Quiet Night In (read review here) and Peace at Last.

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