Apr 212021
Review: Hey, That’s An A!
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Title: Hey, That’s An A!

Author: Jerry Pinto

Illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3.5 years+

They say every child is different and while I knew it is true I didn’t realise it totally till my second one Advit was born! With Divit, I was on a long leave at home so he got me to himself. We used to do a lot of pretend play and we learnt our alphabets, numbers, rhymes, community helpers, solar system everything while playing.

We both learnt a lot of things together in a super fun way. Fast forward to when Adu was born. All my leaves were exhausted and I was now a full time working mum of two boys trying my best to juggle work, home and most important trying my best to give that quality time to each of them. And oh my was it easy?? Nope. I was in for a shock.

Two brothers but totally different. No common games thanks to their age difference of 4 years (not much, I know. But D found A’s games silly and kiddish). So unlike D, Adu went to a daycare where he learnt excellent social skills but all he wanted to with me was sing and dance. And whenever, I mean whenever, I would ask him to do alphabets in particular, he would smartly say, “Mumma later”.

One book, this book ‘Hey, that’s an A!’ by Jerry Pinto became a fun thing for us. And why not?! Why don’t you try to put your hands up and make an A. Or why don’t you try and stand tall as “Y”. Totally totally amazing book with illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee that makes it fun while learning.

So if you have a smart toddler or pre-K kid who doesn’t like the idea of studying, you got to grab this book. Adu shows me how he can change into the alphabets and it is a laughing riot with all of us rolling and laughing till our tummies hurt.

I can guarantee you will have loads of fun with this book.

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