Apr 212021

Review: Hey, That’s An A!

This book ‘Hey, that’s an A!’ by Jerry Pinto became a fun thing for us. And why not?! Why don’t you try to put your hands up and make an A. Or why don’t you try and stand tall as “Y”. Totally totally amazing book with illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee that makes it fun while learning.

Jul 072020

Review: Kayu’s World is Round

In this book, Kayu’s mother is worried about Kayu who only seems obsessed with circles. Kayu also finds it difficult to connect with others. But it all comes together for Kayu when his love of circles overlaps his friends’ love for cricket.

May 132019

A Walk With Thambi

Book: A Walk With Thambi Author: Lavanya Karthik and Proiti Roy Type: Paperback Ages: 4-8 years What readers like about this book: A sensitive topic depicted so beautifully through illustrations. It’s a story of a blind…Continue Reading

Apr 012019

Review: Gajapati Kulapati

Book: Gajapati Kulapati Author: Ashok Rajagopalan Type: Paperback Age: 2-6 years Such a delightful story this is. The pictures are nice and big so even younger ones can watch the big elephant, the banana seller…Continue Reading

Mar 152019

Gajapati Kulapati

Book: Gajapati Kulapati    Author: Ashok Rajagopalan Type: Paperback  Ages: 3-6 years What we like about this book: Another fun read from Tulika. The author of this book has used some very interesting repetitive sounds…Continue Reading