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Want to teach your child your mother-tongue or any Indian language? Tulika Books have bilingual books and more!
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Tulika Books need no introduction – they are beautiful in every sense and touch meaningful topics. One of the most exciting feature of Tulika books is that they come in many languages – English, Indian languages and even bilingual! Most of these books are for 3-7 years, but it’s better to check the age appropriateness on individual books.

pc: Achira

Very often we get queries regarding Indian language books as well as bilingual books and our members all recommend Tulika’s amazing books!

We’re sharing a list of Indian Language as well as Bilingual books by Tulika available on Amazon (linked by our kbc affiliate links). The bilingual books are English- Indian language books which makes reading easier for the kids as well as adults.

In our experience in our kbc facebook community, bilingual books have helped children & parents in two cases:
1) To introduce one’s mother tongue/father tongue to children who are used to reading English books. Bilingual books make perfect transition books to language books!
2) To introduce smallies who know only their mother tongue to English so when they join school they are somewhat familiar with the medium of instruction!

PC: Achira – Inside page of English-Hindi bilingual book by Tulika







English/Bangla (Bengali)












Popular bi-lingual books that get ordered often:

Neelu’s Big Box/Neelu Ki Badi-si Peti (Bilingual: English/Hindi) . Abha has this one. Quoting her: “This book is about creativity – Neelu figuring out creative ways to use the big box. It is about picking yourself up after running into an obstacle – Neelu’s change in plans when her first one fell through. My little one is 2 but this book should inspire kids from 2-5 years of age.”
Neelu’s Big Box – in all languages

Lila’s Loose Tooth/Lila Ka Dhulmul Daanth (Hindi) 
Lila’s Loose Tooth – in all languages

Follow the Ants – Pooja Natesh has this one. Quoting her: “Anita loves all things small. When Anita discovers a trail of ants weaving their way, she can’t help but follow them on their journey. A captivating bilingual children’s book that invites young readers on an exciting journey through the miniature world of ants.”


Gajapati series
Junior Kumbhakarna
Rooster Raga
Ammachi’s Glasses by Priya Kuriyan is a must must must have wordless book!
Ammama’s Sari another brilliant wordless book.
My Mother’s Sari
Where is Amma?
Lion Goes for a Haircut
Mannu and the Jamun Thief 
Minu and Her Hair (available in other languages too)
Pooni at the Taj Mahal – Achu highly recommends this as her 4yo enjoys it too.
Mazzoo Mazzoo
Noon Chai and a Story
A Saree for Ammi
Ju’s Story recommended by author Mandira Shah
God’s Little Ant
A Silly Story of Bondapalli 
Zakir And His Tabla: Dha Dhin Na
A Home of Our Own by Megha Aggarwal

Bhimrao Ambedkar: The boy Who Asked Why 

Ismat’s Eid 4-14 yrs (as per publisher)

Where is Gola’s home? Kanika Sharma recommends this. “It’s a good way to introduce various habitats to the kids! It’s a story about gola the yak who is trying to discover his home with the help of his friend the eagle.”

The Why-Why Girl has been reviewed by Priyanka in the fb group.
Asha the auto-driver Achu has this one and has shared inside pages here in the fb group. In her words: “This vibrant and engaging book follows Asha, a hardworking and vivacious auto driver, as she navigates the streets of Chennai, picking up and dropping off passengers throughout her week. Asha’s character resonates with the many hardworking and dedicated women auto drivers we encounter in our daily lives. The book provides a glimpse into Asha’s world, showcasing her resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to helping others.”

TARGET PUBLICATIONS have language books as well.

MARATHI ALPHABETS and similar marathi teaching books can be found here.

There are Marathi books by Madhuri Purandare ideal for 3 years+

ChikuPiku Marathi Famous Story Books Pack of 5 books perfect for 1 to 11 year kids

3H LEARNING HAVE EXCELLENT RESOURCES TO TEACH INDIAN LANGUAGES. Punidha has Hindi and Tamil booksets and highly recommends them. She has shared inside pages + videos in the kbc facbook group.

Beginners Tamil 356 Pages 4 Books 4+ Yrs Kids Worksheets & Copy Writing Practice Legible Pattern Handwriting Pre Written Homework Fine Motor Skill Pencil Control Strokes Tracing Alphabets Words Boxset 

Irai Vanakkam – an Ilustrated Tamil Shlokas Board Book for 3 years+

Tamil picture books/board books by Zhagaram publishing house. Sureka has this board book for 1-3 years – Vazhai Ilai Virundhu and has shared the inside pages here in the group as well as a read aloud. Quoting her: “This book introduces numbers and counting based on the theme of Tamil culture of serving different varieties of food on a banana leaf.

It starts with a non-stereotypical household setting where all members of the family come together and prepare food for a banana leaf feast. The delicious dishes that are part of the menu are beautifully illustrated along with introducing numbers.”

K12 TECHNO SERVICES have TRILINGUAL BOOKS as well! Mona Sharma has some in Kannada and she has shared the inside pages in the kbc fb group. They come in different age groups. She says, “they are good 2-5 years if the books are being read aloud to a child. And 7-9 years if they are learning the Indian language in the school as a third language.”

These are budget friendly story books of 12 pages each. Every page has a sentence written in Hindi, English and Kannada. The paper quality is very good for 1 book from each set and rest are medium quality magazines. At least the cover page could have been a little more thicker to add strength to the books considering big size of paperbacks.I would still count these as a hit from usage point of view. My kids can spend good time with babysitter. Elder one has already planned Hindi Kannada learning exchange with aunty. English sentences are bonus for them to understand if they read it right.Kannada exercise books are also available from same publisher that I am planning to order next.

K12 TECHNO SERIVCES KANNADA TRILINGUAL COMBOS There are many book combos 2/3/6 – the entire list can be found here.





There are some ENGLISH books as well by K12 Techno Services.

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the book titles & images have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided (at absolutely no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you need information about other children’s books by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.]

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