Jan 022019
Review: Disney Planes
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Book: Disney Planes

Soft book

Ages: 2-6 years

Movies turned to books – in the case of the children’s movies it is always a boon for me. Especially, when my boy loves the movie, it a guarantee that he will love the book and hence would love our reading time.

My five year old boy is still crazy about the animation movie Cars. From the makers of Cars comes the movie Planes. This story based on the movie and the pictures actually take you right there – in the movie. My boy loved it.

The story is modern underdog turns super star inspiring tale. Dusty, the crop duster is a  low flying plane who dreams to compete the the Wings Around the World Championship for planes. With a lot of effort and experienced mentorship he qualifies and flies with the big guns from around the world. He even meets a friendly girl plane from India named Ishani. Here my boy cheers and says “Go India.” As if it were a real race.

My four year old gets so engrossed in the events as the story unravels. First Dusty is doing well, then all of a sudden he drops to last in the race. Finally he makes a big comeback with a little help from all his friends, even Ishani.  
My boy is literally glued to the book because of the ups and downs and the good guys and the bad guys. The story even take you to different places around the world and also take you through a big thunderstorm. It’s a complete package for my son.

Planes is a good read for early readers as well. The language is simple and my four year old can read most of the words with just a tad bit of assistance. For me, my favorite part of the book is the the underdog beats the best to succeed and also the lesson of good friendship. Those lessons to me are just valuable.

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