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Review: What the ladybird heard
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Book: What the ladybird heard

Author: Julia Donaldson

Soft book

Ages: 2-6 years

Animals of the farm save the day!

Julia Donaldson is a master in the craft of providing entertaining stories. It is for this very reason we purchased the entire set of Julia Donaldson’s books. A point worth noting is that every story of hers has a theme and a lesson and is intriguing but every story is also very different.

The story is about a usually silent lady bird who overhears two thieves formulate a cunning plan to steal the prized farm cow. All the animals go into a panic. But just then the lady bird comes up with a very clever idea to save the cow.

All the animals come together and wait for the night to come. The thieves rely on their farm map but are misdirected because the animals switch places and make noise like the others. The thieves land up in the duck pond and are arrested.

This story can be made fun in so many ways. I started reading this book when he was just three years old. I made the animal sounds like Quack said the duck and moo said the cow. The animal sounds were his favorite part. My favorite part of the story is when all the animals just like a family unite and work together to protect their prized cow.

This story also has a very important message – even a small lady bird can do a very big task.

I keep telling my boy. “Yes. you are small but small does not mean weak.”

This book proved just that.

I also played a game with him using the book. I told his to find the all the animals on the first page and he quickly went to the task. It set a good mood for reading the story.

The pictures are so bright , colorful and beautiful. Just as if you are right there on the animal farm.

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