Apr 302021
Aryan’s favorite 30 books for curious toddlers! #kbcBookBingoJr
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I had never thought that Aryan would have a bigger collection of books than me at such a cute age. Thanks to a friend who added me to the KBC family and here I am sharing across his few current favorites (0-3 years) for #kbcbookbingojr.

A Dino book :

We have here the “Dinosaur” book by Om publications. Lovely book with some facts about dinos. Aryan is intimidated by crocodile and thinks they are crocodilian and I don’t interrupt his imagination. I let him build his own perception.

A book on good habits :

We have multiple books sent through Einstein Boxes and they are all on good habits. I have added “From Head to Toe“, a book about taking care of your body parts. Really helpful to teach him to wash his hands after coming from outside especially in this pandemic situation. We love the greetings book as well.

A Dr. Seuss book :

Hop on Pop“, lovely book with full rhymes. We are still not able to completely read it as it’s pretty lengthy and toddlers of 20 months can’t sit that long to complete a book. Hopefully next year this time, we would have memorised the book.

A Boynton Board book :

Big fan here, both of us. With my first book , “Happy Hippo, Angry Duck: A Book of Moods“, I was totally paranoid as I thought it would be bizarre for Aryan but don’t know how kids just connect to these books. We have I think 6 of them from the series and we love all of them but “Happy Hippo, Angry Duck” is our favorite. There is a sad brown dog’s picture and Aryan imagines it to be “a lizard eating a ball”. Such little imaginative creatures. Love the line

“a difficult mood is not here to stay”.

A book that teaches you a lesson:

The Lion And The Mouse by Aesop’s tales. We love the tale of Munchy and Leo. It’s also our bedtime story when it’s tough to put him to bed.

A Lift-the-flap book:

We have a few of them from Karen Katz and we like all of them. Here I have added “Where Is Baby’s Mommy?” but all of the Karen’s books are wonderful to introduce to curious toddlers. We also have “Where’s Spot?” from another author, we love the pup.

A Bedtime story:

We are in love with “Llama Llama Red Pajama” but it’s been lent to a friend and hence I have added our second favorite “Goodnight Moon“. We can build our own imagination around it and bid good night to all the things and people we see around us. Aryan is used to saying “Good night Hyderabad” every night looking through the window.

A book by your favorite illustrator:

Now it’s Boynton books as we are still in awe with all of them. I have added “Moo, Baa, La La La“. We just love this and laugh and dance at the words “lalala”.

A book with a quirky cover:

Alice in wonderland by Aesop’s fables. We have read this book and Aryan is in love with bunnies. Hope he finds his bunny hole! The book is quirky in and out.

A fairytale:

I have added “Cinderella” which is one of my favorite fairy tales as a kid which I read to him because I love the book.

A touch and feel book:

We have two of the Baby touch books from quite some time and Aryan once in a while just loves to feel the fur in the bunny or the tummy of the sheep, look at the rainbow and see through the mirror. He opens it any time of the day. It’s been in our shelf upfront for around 4 months and still stays one of his favorites. Love the colors. It’s really wonderful for parents who are introducing books for the first time. I have added “Baby Touch: Peekaboo” book which has big flaps covering octopus, caterpillar, etc.

A book that was gifted to you:

My First Pop Up Fairy Tales – The Ugly Duckling“. It’s been gifted to him by his Aunt and he has already tore the pop up hound and ducks due to curiosity. Hope that stops soon!

A book on mythology:

We have 2 of the Om Cutout Board Books seriesHanuman is the one we chose for this. Being a big fan of him, this is something we look on every now and then just to check on how Hanuman is doing in there!

A rhyming book:

All Boynton books are rhyming. “Llama Llama” also has great rhyming. But our favorite is “Silly Lullaby“, which is another Boynton Board Book. We have a proper rhythm to it which we sing every night before bedtime. It’s our lullaby for naps and a good night’s sleep.

A book on Shapes / colors / numbers :

We love the Wonder Books Set. It’s very nice for them to hold and have big realistic pictures. But, we like the “All In One Board Book” by Solimo a little better! It’s a single book which has Hindi varnmala, English alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, birds and a few rhymes. We go through this book every day and love to sing “rain rain go away”.

A yellow colored book:

I have added “Ganesha” which is a part of the Om Cutout Board Books series. It’s a very nice book and Aryan loves the yellow content inside, that being the mouth-watering laddoos. Being a big fan of them, this book is something we look at every now and then just to check on the laddoos eaten by Ganesha!

A funny book:

The book we chose for this is “Are You A Cow?“. It’s about comparing “you” with all the animals and finally saying “no” to all. Aryan just cracks up with every “No”.

A book by an Indian author :

Good Night India are books by Indian authors and we read them on a daily basis. We are getting to know the monuments now and are a fan of the “Parliament” and “Taj Mahal” these days.

An informative book :

Although all the books from Einstein Boxes are informative for toddlers, I prefer “Oh Yes!” a lot more. It is basically handling the current phase of tantrums.

A book on transport/vehicles :

We love “Zoom, Zoom, Baby!“, which is a Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book. It talks about boats, trains, airplanes, trucks and cars, with flaps in which different animals are hiding. It has everything a toddler likes: vehicles, animals and flaps, all in one book!

A sound book:

We don’t have a book which has sounds, but have a “My First Book of Sounds” by Einstein Box, which has animal sounds written, and mom gets to explore her imitation skills using it!

A one word title book :

Chuglubugloo” any day. Very nice pictures, rhyming content, flaps and slides. Everything there to keep a curious toddler occupied for sometime.

A book on any festival:

We have “Festivals of India” from Om publications which a wonderful colorful book about our colorful country. It has many festivals from all the different cultures. Aryan’s favorite is Holi.

A book that has siblings

“We all love you” illustrates a love book which shows whole family loves the baby. Starting from Momma to the pets in the house, this book is also perfect for dog/cat lovers like Aryan. Wonderful “Love” book.

A book about animals/birds

Explore The Zoo” is a Slide and See Book which has tigers peeping, monkeys swinging, elephants splashing, peacocks dancing, etc, with flaps. Aryan loves to swing the monkey.

A book on solar system / spaces

Our first book “A Trip To The Moon” where Neil is exploring the moon while dreaming. Such nice illustrations to cultivate and inspire imagination in kids.

A picture book

I have added “My first walk” By Einstein Box which shows a neighborhood where a kid is going on his walk from the play ground to the market.

A sea creatures book

Neil’s another adventure “A Trip To Ocean World” where he goes in submarine in aquarium and sees multiple sea creatures. Aryan likes the hippo-looking Sea cow.

A monster book

Beauty and The Beast” by Aesop’s tales. This is one of my Grandma’s favourite stories, which is also Aryan’s favorite. It also teaches not all monsters are bad. They might look normal to us but they can be really good inside.

A book with magic :

Aryan’s Magical Adventure” by Einstein Box. This is a customized book sent by Einstein Box and taken Aryan to space, sea but finally Aryan feels that home is the most magical place where he has his family.

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