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My little mouse’s 30 favourite reads #kbcBookBingoJr (0-6years)
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Below is our entry for the #kbcBookBingoJr (0-6yr) on behalf of my 5 yr old little mouse, (and 8 yr old big mouse – as most of the books were bought for her). I’ve gradually built up a collection of books that I find difficult to part with as I have so many memories attached to them. So I’m happy that the KBC book bingo gives us a chance to share our books that we have cherished for many years. So here goes –

1)      A dino book- Dinosaurs love underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

A quirky story, about how dinosaurs became extinct! Perfect for read-alouds. Once we read it, we moved on to learn more about other types of dinosaurs. But we love the underpants-loving dinosaurs!

2) Lift the flap book – Where is Spot by Eric Hill

A must-buy for toddlers! Like all Spot books, this book has provided hours of entertainment. It’s dinner time and Spot’s mummy is looking for him- but he’s hiding! Kids love to lift the flaps under the bed, in the wardrobe and so on.

3) A fairytale – Jack and the beanstalk

Magic beans, a beanstalk reaching into the clouds, a golden egg-laying hen! We’ve enjoyed this book for what it is – a magical tale and can’t help feeling happy for Jack!

4) Funny book- Don’t let the Pigeon drive the Bus by Mo Willems

A very persistent little pigeon who begs, pleads and what not, just so he can drive a bus. We love the various emotions the pigeon goes through and always end up acting out all the dialogues in our own ways, making it a fun funny book!

5) One word title book – Koobandhee

The adventures of Bala and the book-barfing monster- by Arundhati Venkatesh

A hilarious story about Bala, who’s books are under attack from his book chewing little sister Meera and he also has to face Koobandhee the one eyed monster.

6) Book on solar system – Scholastic Discover more – Night Sky

A brilliant book with beautiful pictures of the night sky and more than just the regular information, such as about constellations and star charts. Though it says it’s for older kids, my 5 year old loves it – for the spectacular pictures. I’m sure it will be used for many years to come. 

7) Book on good habits – Things to learn with Bruno – 6 book compilation

Bruno the little bear stories are perfect to teach little ones the importance of good habits – telling the truth, picking up your toys, sharing, listening to mummy!! With big colourful pictures and short sentences, they are apt for babies and toddlers.

8) Touch and feel book – My day with Billy Brown Mouse

The book takes you through Billy Mouse’s daily routine- right for getting ready, having a meal, going to the park, etc till bedtime. There are so many lovely touch feel textures apart from it being so much fun for a baby to point out and learn names of day to day things that they see and touch everyday.

9) Rhyming book – Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss

Hop on pop is perfect for young kids, who are starting with phonics, to practice basic reading. The characters and things they do are weirdly funny- like Mr. Brown is catapulted out of town, and comes back with Mr. Black!

10) A book by an Indian author – The Night the Moon Went Missing by Shreya Yadav

One night, Maisha and her fish friend Uchli set out to find the moon who seems to be missing from his usual place in the sky. Their journey takes them under the waves, where they meet a variety of dazzling sea creatures like anglerfish, moonfish, squid, etc who help them on the way. It has lovely illustrations by Sunaina Coelho. The writeup on the light-makers in the sea, at the end, is superb.

11) A picture book – Vincent Paints his House by Tedd Arnold

A beautiful book about a painter who wants to paint his house-he thinks white is nice,  but all the animal inhabitants that share the house want their choice of colour! Every page shows the painters palette with a variety of hues. It’s amazing to learn shades of black, white and so on. We always pick our favorites on each page! It’s a great little book for kids who love art or just colours. After reading the book for the first time, we looked at some paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and read a bit about him as well.

12) Dr. Seuss book- Cat in the Hat

Two kids bored at home- all of a sudden the Cat in the Hat appears – showing them his crazy tricks, bringing in Thing One and Thing Two as well to join in the fun. I liked the part where he picks up all the mess he’s created! On the same note as the book ends, I always end the story with a question,

“Would you tell mummy if something like this happened when I was away??!!”

13) A bedtime story – Very little Red riding Hood by Heapy and Heap

One of our favorite bedtime books about a very brave and confident little red riding hood, who in a humorous twist, drags foxie (as she lovingly calls him) to grandmama’s house! It’s a fun read full of unexpected happenings. An exciting book, but works as a bedtime read – read it to find out why!

14) A book that was gifted – Flying High by Geeta Dharmarajan

Thank you Asha Chaudhry for this one. It is about American astronaut Sunita Williams and has real, full size pictures of her onboard the space shuttle. A lovely book that talks about dreaming big and working hard to achieve those dreams.                                                                                                                                

15) An informative book –  National Geographics – Little kids First Big Book of Why

This one puts together some common, some not so common questions that kids ask – why does corn pop, why do animals hang upside down and so on. There are also some interesting fact boxes, games and of course beautiful colourful pictures to keep kids and adults busy!

16) A book on festivals – Rani saves Diwali by Anita Badhwar

Little princess Rani wakes up on Diwali day to know the palace decorator won’t be coming. In the spirit of the festival, she immediately comes up with a plan to get all the chores done. The story does a good job with explaining the cultural traditions of Diwali. There is also a nice to-do list the princess makes- shows the importance of planning, and how she coordinates with all the palace helpers, to execute and enjoy the festivities. The book ends with a nice explanation about Diwali.

17) A book on sea creatures – Smiley Shark

The big shark is friendly and fun but what should he do when all the fish run away scared of his sharp teeth? The smiley shark is a super fun book with cute colourful pictures of under-the-sea animals, with a happy end!

18) A book by your favorite illustrator – Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt

A book full of awesome rhymes that you can act out with the kids making all sorts of noises and actions, with brilliant colourful illustrations! Our favorite was The Terrible Tickle and Handy work!

19) A book on shapes / colors / numbers – Touch and Feel Playbook by Eric Carle

Perfectly designed for tiny hands – to introduce colours, shapes, numbers and first words. There are nice illustrations (not real pictures), short text words, with flaps, pictures that you can touch and feel, including a mirror! 

 20) A book on transportation – all the books in the series of Amazing machines by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker are awesome.

Tremendous Tractors is about the different types of things that tractors do. We love the nice rhyming text, colourful pictures and cute animal characters. This series is great to expand your little one’s vocabulary for all things transport!

21) A book on monsters – Bookasura by Arundhati Venkatesh

Bala has company at his grandparents house- A book eating monster called Bookasura! Bala comes up with a plan to outwit the monster! It is a chapter book, but my 5 year old  enjoys imagining the story when we read it together. Very creative and well written.

22) A Sandra Boynton book – Moo Baa La La La

Imagine the fun when you have your kids go moo mooo, ba ba and lala la! Silly but Super fun and cute. The illustrations are adorable. My favorite is the ending, where all the animals go -” so what do you say??”

23) A book with a quirky cover- The legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt and Adam Rex

I bought this book when my little mice started enjoying the rock paper scissors game. Not only the book cover, but the story and illustrations are quirky as well! Rock, paper, scissors full of confidence and seemingly undefeatable, set out to find their match! Very clever and creative writing.

24) A sound book – On track with Thomas

Thomas and his friends are racing around for the treasure hunt game. Thomas comes in first, but where is Percy? There are six sounds that kids love pressing to add to the excitement of the story.

25) A mythology book – Amar Chitra katha Valmiki’s Ramayana

The Amar chitra Katha books are very nice graphic books to tell mythology stories to kids, with just the right amount of information about each character and event. We enjoy reading this for quiet time, and it always starts off many discussions about our vast mythological history.

26) A book that has siblings – Little Rabbits new baby by Harry Horse

Little rabbit can’t wait for his sibling to arrive – and mama comes home with three! He realises that things are not so much fun now – they want his toys, they keep crying, mama is busy with the babies all day… but his baby siblings love him. Little Rabbit finds out how he is special to them, in this sweet little story. 

27) A book that teaches you a lesson – The Fabulous Friend Machine

A very relevant book in today’s time, to tell kids that external or virtual appearances can be deceptive. The story is about the friendliest chicken on the farm who finds a friend machine – a mobile phone, and how she forgets herself and her friends, to eventually learn a lesson.

28) A yellow colored book – Ruby’s Worry

Ruby is worried – and her worry keeps going bigger and bigger. A beautiful book to teach kids that they must share their worries and talk about what is bothering them. I like how it empowers kids to deal with their own anxiety while telling them that they can also lend a ear and help others who need someone to just listen.

29) A book about animals / birds – the Kingfisher First Animal Picture Atlas

It is a beautiful and interesting atlas which shows animals as they are found continent wise, as well as in different habitats e.g. desert, arctic circle, rainforest, the Himalayas. It’s great for all ages!

30) A book with magic – Room on the Broom

A delightful story of a witch and her cat, flying on their broomstick. The witch loses her wand, her bow etc which are found by a frog, a cat, a dog and a bird. Disaster strikes when the stick breaks and a dragon wants to make a meal of the witch. A wonderful story of friendship and gratitude.

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