Jul 292019
Review: The Princess and the Wishing Well
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Book: The Princess and the Wishing Well

Author : Brown Watson

Age group: 0-4yrs

My daughter has recently started loving princesses like Cinderella, Elsa from Frozen. Her favorite nowadays is Princess Rose.

Princess Rose is a beautiful princess looking for her prince and how she finally finds out where he was all this while, is in itself a magical story of *ABRAKADABRA WHIZZY WHOO WHOO* .

This is a beautiful book with a magical flap on every page (wanna know what’s magical? Go grab the book;) ). It also has a fabulous pop up surprise at the end!

Each page includes clear, easy to follow texts that is ideal to read aloud for young kids. They just love pressing the sound button and listening to the music after you finish every sentence.

The book has big colourful and bright pictures which makes it very attractive. We have fallen in love with Rose.

It’s a beautiful read and this beautiful story has delighted my princess a lot. I hope your child loves it too!

Happy Reading!

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The magical flap and Princess Rose
The surprise pop up and musical button

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