Jul 262019
Review: She Can You Can
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Book: She Can You Can

Author: Garima Kushwaha

Type: Paperback

Age: Children above 8 and adults

She Can You Can is a book I would keep forever and ever. For myself, husband, parents and my children. I will even tell the stories in the book to my maids who come home. Such is the necessity of the inspiration from the stories.

She Can You Can consists of a variety of short mini biographies of women from India with varied backgrounds, challenges and talents. This brilliant book gives us the much needed perspective on the achievements of these Indian women who have faced tough challenges and who break all sorts of stereotypes. In a society which is conventionally patriarchal, the book stands to prove that women do not belong in a defined characteristic box but can achieve anything they want.

I would recommend this book not just for children, but for adults as well. I would recommend this book not just for girls, but for boys too. Yes, I am reading this book to my six year old and he is surprised.

“I didn’t know women can do that.”

He said on hearing the story of Arunima Singha, famous award winning amputee mountaineer.

The book crashes archaic stereotypes of women doing just house work or just limiting themselves to certain fields. It gives us role models from science to sports, arts to businesswomen. So many names I had not even heard of and am now proud of. She Can You Can leaves you with a strong sense of pride and the inspiration to succeed.

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