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Yuvaan’s Super 30 for 3 year olds #kbcBookBingoJr
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Yuvaan’s Super 30 for fellow buddies!!!

This is our entry for #kbcBookBingoJr . Most books here would be good for 2-6 year olds.

1. Dino Book – The Dinosaur who lost his roar by Russell Punter
This is my son’s all time favourite book because he is a great fan of Dinosaurs! This book contains a very beautiful story about Sid who likes scaring his friends with his mighty roar. The illustrations are great with bigger font. The story gave us plenty of opportunity to interact and join in. A must read for all Dino lovers. 

2. A book on good habits – Superheroes Share by Kimberly McArthur
This book is the part of THE BEST ME series and also very interestingly it tells kids that sharing and having fun together is much more better than being alone and getting bored. The story revolves around Max and his cousin Ved. Young kids can easily relate with the story and learn to share.  
This is a Scholastic Book and we got it during the big Scholastic Sale. We ordered 179 books from the Scholastic Sale (upto 70% off) via the kbc special link – a super bargain haul indeed!

3. A Dr. Seuss book – Inside Your Outside by Tish Rabe
This book is our fresh purchase and my 3 yr old son is very fascinated by the great introduction to facts about the body. It explains everything in a very fun and interesting way. Illustrations are beautiful and explained nicely by everyone’s favourite Cat in the Hat.

4. A Boynton board book – The Going to Bed Book
This is one of our most favourite books. My son takes this book to bed every night and loves to read it again and again. This is a fun little book about animals on a ship getting ready for bed. The whole story is in a lovely rhyme with cute illustrations. A must have for every child.

5. A book that teaches you a lesson – Watch Out! No Touch by K Krishna 
As a parent I always wanted to teach my son about Good touch and Bad touch. This book has it all. It’s a beautiful picture book which helps parents to have an open conversation with their children about keeping them safe. A must have and read for parents as well.  

6. A lift the flap book – Nuddy Ned by Kes Gray
This book was a random purchase but it turned out to be a fun book with some funny cheeky flaps. It’s all about a young boy Ned who is running in the town without putting his clothes on. The text is rhyming and the illustrations are great.

7. A bedtime story – A Child’s Good Night Book by Margaret Wise Brown (same author of the very famous Goodnight Moon book).
It is a great picture book. It starts with the lines “Night is coming. Everything is going to sleep” and as we read on exactly everything goes to sleep whether it is living or non living. The texts and pictures are nice. It is a perfect book that children can read before going to bed.

8. A book by your favourite illustrator – Twenty-six Rabbits Run Riot by Cara Lockhart Smith (Illustrations by Cara Lockhart Smith)
This is one of the nicest books we have. What lovely illustrations and the story! Mrs. Fitzwarren has 26 bunnies and the youngest one never stays at the place where he was put. She tries to go out with all her children and let them have a quality time. The story allows us to participate completely as the illustrations are strategically made to attract young children. A must have book for kids everywhere.

9. A book with quirky cover – I’m just a LITTLE VAMPIRE (Googley-Eye Books) by Joshua George and Barry Green
Vampire is my son’s most favourite halloween character and this book is all about vampires, that too in a not-so-scary way. With googly eyes throughout this board book, my son loved reading and playing with this book. A good buy for kids who love Halloween. We got this book from the Scholastic Sale.

10. A fairytale – Cinderella and the Lost Mice (3D Activity Storybook)
This is another beautiful book by Disney and it’s even magical as it includes activities and 3D elements. The story shows that princesses are sweet and kind, when Cinderella’s housekeeper banishes the mice from the palace, Cinderella finds a way to rescue her tiny friends.

11. A touch and feel book – Here Come the Chicks by Pat-a-Cake 
This is a playful touch-and-feel book, with lots of cute baby birds. The fold-out at the end is a great addition. We enjoyed the simple text, repetitive nature of words and the areas on the pages with the texture to explore.

12. A book that was gifted to you – Pooh & Tigger (Disney Winnie the Pooh – Friends Collection)
This book set is the very first gift to my son. This book came with two more books (Pooh & Eeyore/Pooh & Piglet) with CD in each book. This is a colorful padded board book. In this book when Tigger gets stuck in a tree, Pooh has to try to find a way to help. Pooh and his friends are so much fun together and they have become my son’s favourites too. 

13. A book on mythology– Hindu Gods and Goddesses retold by Deepa Agarwal
This is our very first book on mythology. It contains ten stories about Hindu Gods and Goddesses and their deeds. The illustrations are adorable and the language of the book is very easy to understand. It’s a great pick for reading aloud to young kids. This book was also bought from Scholastic.

14. A rhyming book – The Missing Tarts by B.G. Hennessy
This is a very lovely story book with a simple rhyming text, it features many characters from familiar nursery rhymes in order to find the missing tarts. The illustrations bring the story to life and introduces traditional nursery rhyme characters to young children. A must read book for the children.

15. A book on shapes/ colours / numbers – Up, Up and Away! by Sheila Sweeny Higginson
This book has everyone’s favourite Mickey Mouse and his friends along with Toodles and the Mousketools to explore their World (different shapes) in a hot air balloon. Reading this beautiful colorful eye-catching book gives an impact as if we are actually watching a Disney movie. 

16. A yellow coloured book – The Dinky Donkey by Craig Smith
This book is the sequel of “The Wonkey Donkey” and it’s as hilarious as its predecessor. Me and my son loved the verses and the charming illustrations. Wonky Donkey had a child – it was a little girl, Hee Haw. By the end of this book the kids will start singing stinky punky plinky-plonky winky-tinky Pinky funky blinky dinky donkey! 

17. A funny book – Grandpa’s Slippers by Joy Watson
It’s a funny picture book with lots of funny ways in which Grandma tries to get rid out of Grandpa’s tatty slippers but he keeps finding them as he doesn’t want to throw his old slippers. The story is cute and teaches us to deal with Change which is the only constant thing in this world. Another wonderful book from Scholastic.

18. A book by an Indian author – While You Are Sleeping by Nalini Sorensen
An excellent book for young ones. It talks about two boys living in different time zones and about the concept of day and night. My elder sister lives in Canada so this book is so relatable. My son finds it pretty interesting that while he’s preparing to go to bed, his cousin brother in Canada is just waking up! 

19. An informative book – How Do I Breathe? by Ulrik Hvass 
This is an interesting book based on early science which describes the process of breathing. Experiments are also included in this book to teach scientific principles to young readers. The illustrations are clear and the text is uncomplicated to be understood by young kids.

20. A book on Transport / Vehicles – Lift the Flap – Vehicles by Wonder House Books
This is a fun, interactive lift the flap book for kids to teach them different modes of transport. The book is very colorful and full of flaps which keep young kids busy for hours. 

21. A sound book – Peppa’s Super Noisy Sound Book by Ladybird Books
This is a big book with a cute story and 18 sound buttons on a side panel. We are in love with this book as we are big fans of Peppa. The sound is nice and loud, which makes the reading time even more exciting and fun. A must buy for every Peppa Pig fan.

22. A one word title book – Puu by CG Salamander
It is a very nice picture book with a tale about a little girl who faces discrimination. This book is based on manual scavenging. It is beautifully illustrated and it helps sensitizing young kids towards children from different economic backgrounds. We got this from Scholastic.

23. A book on any festival – The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore
This is a gorgeous picture book. The illustrations are child friendly and cute. This book is the perfect Christmas present for any child. I will definitely recommend this book to people who are fond of all things Christmas.

24. A book that has siblings – Peppa’s Busy Day by Ladybird Books
This is my son’s very first Peppa book, which has shown Peppa and George’s very busy day. This book helps kids set their routine and work accordingly. It has a plastic clock on top which helps kids learn to tell the time. It’s a good buy and I will surely recommend this book. 

25. A book about animals / birds – See You Later, Alligator by Sally Hopgood
Indeed an adorable book for the younger crowd. When a friendly tortoise decides to set off on an adventure, he must first say goodbye to all of his animal friends. The text is rhyming and the illustrations are charming. We loved all the different phrases the turtle uses in saying bye! I totally recommend it.

26. A book about space / solar system – 3D Planets by John Starke
This is our very first 3D book and we are really satisfied with the quality of the book. The whole book is colorful, 3D and comes with a big size 3D Poster of Solar system. The information provided in the book is very precise and crisp. A good book indeed. 

27. A picture book – Cub’s First Winter by Rebecca Elliott
Such a lovely story! This book is all about the bonding a baby shares with its mother, the way it asks questions and the mother answers. Each page is beautifully illustrated and we just loved the art! This is undoubtedly a heart-warming picture book. 

28. A Sea Creatures Book – Tiny Turtle Wants a Friend by Shilpa Ranade
This is a very beautiful picture book. Here a tiny turtle sets out to look for a friend and keep on meeting different sea creatures and making them friends. It’s a delightfully illustrated story, which introduces children to the various creatures in the ocean along with a very beautiful message about friendship. Another treasure from the Scholastic Sale.

29. A Monster book – The Princess and the Mirror by Charles Alverson
This is an interesting story book about Princess Alice, her hand mirror, Prince Andrew and a three headed monster. When the monster comes to get the princess, she realizes that mirrors can have other uses too and by using her mirror Prince Andrew saves the day.

30. A book with magic – The Magic Spicebox by Namita Moolani Mehra 
This is a beautiful cookbook along with a storybook from Scholastic. The book starts with a brother and sister getting attracted towards the spice box. They then discover the magical powers of spices. This book has 9 recipes associated with 9 famous spices, and it also has a press-out chef’s hat and 6 bookmarks. A must buy for young chefs.  

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