Apr 292019
Recommended Books: Vedika’s Board Books for 0-2 years
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Board books always fascinate small kids. They are colourful, handy and attractive. We have been collecting books since my daughter (Vedu) was 2 months old. These books were loved by her more when she turned 1 year old. She turned 2 recently and still loves them.

Our collection of Board Books include:

Peppa goes ice skating (by Ladybird): Peppa is favorite of all the kids and the book is all about having helping and motivating friends around.

Books by ‘A baby animal story book series’:

Baby animal story books have always fascinated my baby since she was 9 months old. Big attractive colourful pictures in a handy board board book, made it easy for her to carry the book around. All animals are really familiar ones, which can be easily introduced to baby in daily life or at a zoo visit, which makes it more interesting.
Each book has a 4 page story with a cute moral that increases the appeal of the book.
I would recommend the whole series as they are very interesting and engaging books for babies & toddlers.
The Puppy’s Day Out
The Daring Baby Mouse
The Tall Tree
Baby Panda’s Birthday

Fairy Tales Board Books (very affordable):

Beauty and the Beast : A popular story with big pictures – beast as lion and a beautiful princess is illustrated nicely for lil readers.

My Small Board Book series by Navneet publications.
Shapes and Colours – a book by Navneet publications show shapes, colours and similar object images which help kids to differentiate between basic colours. We are still learning colors and my daughter enjoys it a lot.

500 Children’s Stories: This book is big and thick, full of adventure stories, moral stories and bed time stories. We love to read stories during night as they are very short stories. There are 500 Stories and we can continue reading as long as we feel like.

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