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Review: Pepper and Mama’s new job
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Book: Pepper and Mama’s new job

Soft book

Ages: 2-6 years

The Pepper series are literally my go to book collection for all of our experiences. These books are like a mini guide book for all of a child’s little and big issues. Whether my son and I are reading Pepper had a fight or Pepper’s new neighbour, we look forward to the new familiar challenges that Pepper faces and seek his help on how to deal with them.

I deliberately chose this book, Pepper and Mama’s new job to prepare my young one for my job. Even though he knew I worked from home I really wanted him to understand that Mothers leave their children at daycare and go to office to work just like Fathers do. My boy one time when he was three did ask me why his friend’s mother leaves him at the daycare alone. Somehow I felt he felt it was wrong. That is when I felt that such a book was the need of the hour. Just to show him along with real life examples how a mother can leave the child at daycare and most importantly, the child is happy and safe at daycare.

After reading the book to my child we had a little talk. I then ensured that he understood what the book meant to say. That it’s ok to be in daycare and that Mothers do go to office just like Fathers.    

Pepper is dropped off to school by his Mother and then is taken to day care. There he meets his school friend and makes new friends as well. They play together and Pepper has a great time. In fact so much that he insists to go to daycare with his friend the next day.

I recommend this book to all the soon to return mommies going to work and children from the age 3 to 6 years.

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