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Review: The Berenstain Bears – By the Sea
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Book: The Berenstain Bears – By the Sea

Soft book

Ages: 3-7 years

I remember reading the Berenstain Bears book series when I was young. Perhaps almost the same age as my son. In my school Library I would head straight to where these books would be and issue one at a time. I just loved the setting of a complete family doing interesting things together. Now as a Mother, I love reading these books together for the value and the lessons it teaches.

At first I wasn’t sure if this series was still relevant. I mean I read it decades ago. But after all these years I appreciated the simplicity and the timeless values. The Berenstain Bears are a typical bear family – Momma, papa, brother and sister. Each book in this series is based on a certain theme or event like The Berenstain Bears: In the Dark.

More on why my five year old likes it – I think for the same reason I did and also he just loves bears 🙂

This story is about the Bear family going on a vacation by the beach. Brother and Sister Bear are way too eager to get in the water. But first they are told to clean up the vacation home, help prepare the snacks, eat the snack and then tidy up. The constant wait is unbearable for the kids. Don’t we all face this? When I read it to my son I was thinking in my head – oh thankfully a book on patience. When my boy sees something he likes, just like any other fun loving kid, he just doesn’t want to do anything else. Even if it is important. All he sees is what he wants to do.

This book is good for early readers too. My five year old boy was able to read the book with a little bit of assistance.  

The Berenstain Bears book collection is an age old approved family book. It is a lovely read for story time and story reading sessions at home.

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  1. what an awesome review priya! i don’t recollect this series (though aarini used to read loads of books from her children’s library – bookworm when she was a toddler). Now that she’s 11.5 years old i have started forgetting so much :(.

    isn’t it amazing how so many memorable books are based on bear families? goldilocks, of course. but i still have one of my childhood books called a ‘a bargain for francis’ – it’s by scholastic – imagine! it’s amongst my first book collection and the characters are a bear family :). i think i need to write about it soon…


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