May 292023
Review: Anńa, Hanu & the Thump
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Book Title: Anńa, Hanu & the Thump
Author: Aditi Sharma Nagpal Illustrator: Chinmayee Samant
Publisher: Print Plus Pvt.Ltd, Published in India By: Happy Squirrel
Type: Hardcover
Recommended Age: 6 years and above

A wonderful and colorful journey of friendship

Anńa, Hanu & the Thump is a beautiful story about friendship, courteousness, wisdom and courage. Braj is a beautiful jungle on the banks of the River Yamuna and it’s protected by Anńa the elephant and Hanu the monkey. One day Hanu hears a Thump and is shocked to see a Dinosaur creating havoc in their beautiful home and seeks Anńa’s help. The plot is how Anńa protects the frightened animals from the dinosaur and helps the Dinosaur, who came to Braj for resting on the way to its home.

The plot is so detailed that there is no loop hole in the story. The author has clearly explained why Anńa is the only elephant in Braj, and how he came to protect the other animals. Why he decides to help the Dino. Why he needs to leave Braj and visit his mom.

The detailing is so perfect that, in the forest there is a Date tree which typically will not be found in Indian forest, but you will find the answer. A kid reading this book will be curious to know how tall a dates tree grows or details regarding the dinosaurs lived in India.

The first thing that attracted my 5 year old’s attention (and mine too 🙂 ) was the illustration and the colorful pages. Yes, the illustrations are mind blowing that will keep your little one hooked to the story. If your kid is into dinosaurs, even though a Barapasaurus looks similar to Brachiosaurus, there is a subtle difference between them, which they can identify through the detailed illustration.

At the end of each page, meaning of difficult words are explained in simple terms which will help the kids to continue reading the story without interruption and also help them improve their vocabulary.

Overall, Anńa, Hanu & the Thump is a visual treat with a good message and wonderful story for bedtime.

Looking forward to other two books in the series.

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