Jan 042019
Review: Fox on a Box
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Book: Fox on a box

Author: Phil Roxbee Cox & Stephen Cartwright

Soft book

Ages: 0-6 years

A funny story with easy phonetics learning

Fox on a box is a part of the Usborne Phonics Reader series. They have designed these books in consultation with language experts. It is said that the story takes support of latest research techniques to teach reading to young ones.

I purchased this book online for my then three year old boy. The sounds and words are very simple making it easy for him to repeat the words.

My son loved the funny story and the lift the flap. He would wait for me to turn the page and then see if there is a flap so we can open and see what was hiding behind it. This definitely made reading the book a whole lot fun.

The story is about a hungry fox who finds a box and takes it everywhere. He hops on it to take peach from the tree, he pushes it to reach for an egg in the nest, climbs onto it to reach a honeycomb and also sits on it to go fishing. But every time, he is unable to eat because something or the other keeps happening and he lands up in a mess. At last when he reaches for a cake, he falls into the box and is pleasantly surprised.  The surprise element was the best part for me.

I read it to my boy when he was three years old. Now that he is five, he reads it on his own. We still enjoy the story and laugh every time the hungry fox makes a total mess and lands up with peach, egg and honey all over himself. I asked my son what did he learn from this story. He said “Always look inside the box first.” I agreed and added “How about we should never ever give up just like the hungry fox never gave up.”

Other stories written by the author are Goose on the Loose and Frog on a Log.

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