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15 Books Little KAVIN loves to read  #kbcKeepCalmAndReadOn
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Kavin is 16 months old and loves to read books. He prefers reading books than playing with his toys. We introduced books to him when he was 3 months old and now our book collection and reading goes strong. I am writing about the books Kavin enjoys most out of all books we have. This is for #kbcKeepCalmAndReadOn Campaign.

  1. Indestructibles: Baby Night Night

        This indestructible book series is made for babies who learn through their hands and mouth. This book is about night time routine a baby does before going to bed like brushing, bathing, giving good night kisses. When we are trying to establish night time routine for our babies, this book comes handy so that babies understand that it’s time to sleep. It’s light weight and hence easy to carry in diaper bag.

2. Mr Brown can Moo! Can you ? By Dr. Seuss. 

            Babies and toddlers love listening to various sounds and noises we make. And this  is what exactly the book is about. Mr Brown can make noises of animals, birds, clock, thunder, rain etc. When we read this book and make noises what we get in return is giggles and giggles and lots of giggles from our babies. Highly recommended.

 3. Peppa’s Super Noisy Sound Book 

        It’s a big book with buttons on the side panel. The story is about how Peppa and George’s quiet day turns into a super noisy day when their friends arrive. It has various sounds like snorting, rain, toy bus, duck, brushing. Each page has pictures of what button is to be pressed. It’s a very interactive sound book, perfect for toddlers.

 4 . Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson  

        The story is about how a butterfly helps monkey who had lost his mum. The monkey describes how his mother looks and butterfly shows him some animals. Like monkey says his mother is big so butterfly shows an elephant. This way they come across many jungle animals and finally he finds his mum. Toddlers who are interested in animals would love this book very much.

5.  First 100 words lift the flap by Roger Priddy.

           It’s a big book with 100 pictures and names of them. The flaps are quite sturdy. The illustrations are clear, colourful and attractive which holds the attention of the toddlers. This book has pictures of things that go, things in home, bedtime, mealtime, toys, colors, numbers so toddlers can easily relate to what they see at home and in the picture books. Excellent book for early concepts.

6. Indestructibles: Baby Let’s Eat.

          It’s a very colorful book. Each page contains fruits and vegetables of the same color like tomato and strawberries on same page. It’s like a rainbow of fruits and veggies displayed with simple text. They are thin and light weight and easy to carry. It can used to learn about colors, fruits and vegetables.

7.  Freddie the Fire Engine 

           This is one of my son’s favourite books. It’s about Freddie the fire engine who helps people when fires break out or in rescue operations.  It’s short with simple sentences and with colourful illustrations to hold the attention of babies. 

8. Ladybird Babytouch Playbook

            This is the first book we bought for our son. It’s bright and colourful with mirrors and various textures. It’s a sensory treat for babies. It has holes to peek and poke, various shapes and flaps to lift. First they will be attracted by the colourful images, then with the mirror, then will enjoy the textured pages. Till now he enjoys the book so much that he will be occupied for good 15 minutes. All the baby touch and feel books are very engaging.

9.  Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell

                This book must be everyone’s favourite and it’s our favourite as well! It’s about how the zoo sends animals that can’t be kept as pets and how the child sends back those animals for various reasons. Finally he finds a perfect one and keeps it with him. All the pages are lift the flap and kids just love opening and closing it. 

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

        Another classic must have book which is about the life cycle of butterfly, from an egg to a caterpillar to finally a butterfly. The book is bright, colourful and very attractive for babies. It also talks about numbers, day night difference, healthy and unhealthy foods, days of week. It’s a book from which more early concepts can be understood.

11. Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  

 It is the best going to bed book. The book is about how a Bunny says good night to all things in the room. The illustrations and words have a very calming and peaceful effect. The first half of the book is about things in the room and the second part of the book is about saying good night to the things in the room and to the moon and stars. Perfect book to read before sleep.

12. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

             This book was not an instant  hit with my toddler. It might be because the images did not attract him much. But slowly he started to like this book. It’s about how little nut brown hare wants to make sure that he loves his father so much and tries so many ways to express it. But it’s very difficult to measure love! Perfect for bedtime reading. 

13. Joey Rallies Round, My first JCB

         The book is about Joey, a JCB who loves playing in puddles. It helps the owner of an apple orchard to collect apples and in turn the owner helps JCB by cleaning it. The book is quite simple and easy to read and perfect for toddlers who love vehicles. There are quite a few books in this series including colouring and activity books.

14. Honey Hill’s Noisy Day.

            It’s a noisy musical day in Honey Hill and all friends like Lucy, Jack along with their musical instruments join in to make this a fun-filled day. It is interactive book because we have most of the musical toys like macaras, tambourine in our home and join them in the musical party of Honey Hill.

15. Peppa and Big Train.

         Peppa Pig and her friends are ready for the big train trip. They get tickets and board the train and are excited for the journey. They are given lists of things to spot but they find more things other than the lists. The illustrations are colourful and attractive and hold the attention of babies. Very nice book to know about trains. Plus all toddlers simply love Peppa Pig books.

These are 15 books Kavin loves to read from his little book collection again and again. These books are suitable for age groups 0 to 3 years. 

Happy reading.

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