Apr 062019
Topsy+Tim Go To The Doctor
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Book: Topsy+Tim Go To The Doctor

Author: Jean And Gareth Adamson

Type: Hardcover/Paperback

Ages: 2.5-6 years

What we like about this book: The vibrant illustrations and the engaging storyline attract toddlers & early readers. The lesson learnt is easy to understand and stays with the reader for a long time. All of Topsy and Tim books serve as excellent FIRST EXPERIENCE books with positive messages which help toddlers/pre-schoolers overcome their fears and inhibitions.

The other Topsy & Tim books in this series can be found here on Amazon.

Some books that get ordered in this series are:

Topsy and Tim: Start School 

Topsy and Tim: Go on a Train

Topsy And Tim The New Baby

Topsy and Tim Meet the Police

Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim

Topsy and Tim: Go on Holiday  (the beach is seen on the cover page)

Topsy And Tim Go To The Dentist

Topsy and Tim Move House
Topsy and Tim have itchy heads! (about getting lice in school)

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