Apr 062019
Topsy+Tim Go To The Doctor
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Book: Topsy+Tim Go To The Doctor

Author: Jean And Gareth Adamson

Type: Hardcover/Paperback

Ages: 2.5-6 years

What we like about this book: The vibrant illustrations and the engaging storyline attract toddlers & early readers. The lesson learnt is easy to understand and stays with the reader for a long time. All of Topsy and Tim books serve as excellent FIRST EXPERIENCE books with positive messages which help toddlers/pre-schoolers overcome their fears and inhibitions.

The other Topsy & Tim books in this series can be found here on Amazon.

Some books that get ordered in this series are:

Topsy and Tim: Start School 

Topsy and Tim: Go on a Train

Topsy And Tim The New Baby

Topsy and Tim Meet the Police

Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim

Topsy and Tim: Go on Holiday  (the beach is seen on the cover page)

Topsy And Tim Go To The Dentist

Topsy and Tim Move House – Amardeep found this book very helpful. She has shared a mini review and inside pages here in the kbc fb group.
Topsy and Tim have itchy heads! (about getting lice in school)

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