Oct 152021
Ravana Inside Me: Books That Have Helped Us Manage Our Feelings…
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Divya’s introduction:

Dussehra symbolizes the victory of Rama (Good) over Ravana (Evil). But what about the Evil within us? Shipra has come up with an interesting activity with her 7yo son, Sharav. Sharav has surprised us with his own version of Good and Evil. What’s more impressive is his beautiful creation – his illustrations. And the books that helped him to understand his feelings.

Sharav with his activity.

Sharing Sharav’s drawing for Dussehra Activity – “Ravana inside me”. I’m glad that books have helped him to identify and name his feelings and more importantly, he knows how he can manage them. Though it’s an ongoing process, we have surely learnt the coping mechanisms.

Sharav’s Good and Evil.

Happy Dussehra in advance!!

Also sharing books that we read recently and are helping us immensely in managing our feelings.

1. THE FANTASTIC BOOK OF FEELINGS by MARCIA WILLIAMS this is a brilliant book for ages 5-9 yrs. The stories are written in a comic strip style. It discusses feelings like – being sad, lonely, jealous, hate, shy, angry, anxious. The characters in every story share their top tips to manage the feeling. It shares the top ten tips for keeping our feelings fit. A perfect guide to help us understand why we get certain feelings, recognize them, which will eventually help to make better choices.

Inside page of the Fantastic Book of Feelings

Added by Asha: Achira has also shared some inside pages of this book in the kbc fb group here.

2. KIDS CAN COPE SERIES by GILL HASSON : We have two books from this series – STEP BACK FROM FRUSTRATION & TAKE CHARGE OF ANGER. Again a wonderful book for ages 6 and above. The book deals with the topic in an organized manner, explaining what is frustration and what all situations leave a child developing feelings of frustration. This particular book is a hands-on guide for coping strategies. It breaks down the problems into bits and pieces and provides simple solutions to step away from the negative feelings. The highlight of the book is the reading and writing activities that are given at the end that can help one think more about how to manage when you’re feeling frustrated. It also has detailed pointers for teachers, parents and carers’ to support and encourage the child to learn to cope better. Feelings are fantastic, we just need to recognize them and learn how to express them socially. And of course, there are books to hold our hands & guide us through.

Inside page of Step back from Frustration

Happy Reading!!

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