Oct 162021
Tighten your seat belts – we’re going time travelling…AGAIN! [Review]
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Title: Let’s Go Time Travelling Again! Indians Through The Ages

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Illustrator: Tapas Guha

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Puffin

Age group: 9 years and up

If you thought knowing about history – the rich heritage and life of ancient people could be boring, this book is surely going to change that thought.

This book is a beautiful one that gives us insight into the various professions which have evolved over the years and how India has been a part of it right from the beginning. Whether it is our ancient potters, our highly skilled weavers, the world acclaimed poets, our mathematicians, astrologers, our doctors, farmers, dancers or playwriters, India can boast of having the best since ages! India has been a pioneer in many fields and there are umpteen things that India has given to the world.

Just to name a few – while traditional crafts like pottery, weaving, metalware and many more have practically vanished from most countries in the west since machines took over, India is still creating magic by hand. Right from the time of Mohenjo Daro, Indian Handlooms and handicrafts had their place in the world markets.

It is our folk singers who have kept our stories alive through the centuries. Similarly, writing started way back in India. When we started writing there was no paper. People used “Talpatra”, leaves of the palmyra palm and the bark of birch trees to write using powdered charcoal mixed with vegetable juice with a stylus – appointed pen. But at the same time printing came quite late to India. You will know why when you read this book.

How Ayurveda was the foundation of the modern medicine. Astrology and mathematics were so entwined that our astrologers did a lot of calculations to predict the future. The best and world famous dishes that we eat at fancy restaurants started way back in the kitchens of kings.

The book beautifully covers the rich history through various stories written in her free flowing style. It is absolutely true to its name – this will take you back in time and you can actually picture the ancient lives in front of your eyes. Let’s go time travelling again – this time to learn about history of people! And the illustrations in the comic style makes it more interesting.

This book is a sequel to the first one “Let’s Go Time Travelling” – winner of the Comic Con Award 2012 for Best Children’s Illustrated Book and is indeed a special one because this was the author’s last one and it was still in the making when we lost her to the deadly virus in May 2021. She will always be remembered for introducing us to our past – the rich culture, language, food, occupation of our ancestors and their life in the most fascinating and fun way!

We have many of the late Subhadra Sen Gupta’s books and recommend you add a few to your collection for sure!

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