Nov 142023

The Boy Who Persisted – Kolam Kanna [Review]

Do you think Bharathi can make his way to a ‘ladies only’-‘residents only’ ‘Kolam Kontest’? Read this fun filled book to know Bharathi’s high-risk plan and how close this can get him to his longing of winning a grand dinner for his parents.

Sep 232023

How to review books of favourite things and other impossible things! [Review]

The story starts with the reader getting introduced to Rabia and her cat observing the world, as she questions everything around her. Reflecting her own desires and her quest to seek answers, when asked to draw a scientist, she draws a woman-scientist. But who ever knew of a woman-scientist?

Jul 252023

Review: Grabber

Grabber is based on the ancient historical Indian lore of the black Taj, that Emperor Shah Jahan was said to have built opposite the Taj Mahal. The book revolves around Nuru, and a mission destined for him, involving ancient kings, sorcerers and magic;

Jun 272023

How Not to Get Wet in the Rain, 21 Tales for Tricky Times is a remarkable book on how people used fascinating ways to solve difficult problems. Do you know the trick to not get wet in the rain or to distribute 5 oranges equally among 7 people? These

Jun 252023

Review: All-Time Favourite Nature Stories

This book is a collection of Ruskin Bond’s very favorite nature stories ranging from ‘The Cherry Tree’ to ‘The Tunnel’ and many more such 25 beautifully written stories.

Apr 072023

Review: Sleepytime Tales With Curious Curie

The book is a collection of four stories. Each story has the ever-curious Curie, who is a human who can speak the language of animals, and her wonderful dog Hubble, going on adventures, exploring either nocturnal creatures, aquatic life, the importance of the sun or gravity.