Mar 212024

A Talking Book with a Talking Dog! [Review]

Jane’s well researched and well written book traces the story of communication from prehistoric times, through the dark ages, and meanders finally into the age of AI. It’s a fun read for all age groups, with an interesting design and a wise crack dog!

Nov 142023

The Boy Who Persisted – Kolam Kanna [Review]

Do you think Bharathi can make his way to a ‘ladies only’-‘residents only’ ‘Kolam Kontest’? Read this fun filled book to know Bharathi’s high-risk plan and how close this can get him to his longing of winning a grand dinner for his parents.

Jul 252023

Review: Grabber

Grabber is based on the ancient historical Indian lore of the black Taj, that Emperor Shah Jahan was said to have built opposite the Taj Mahal. The book revolves around Nuru, and a mission destined for him, involving ancient kings, sorcerers and magic;