Aug 162021
Review: I Am Thankful
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Title: I Am Thankful

Author: Kathryn Jewitt

Illustrator: Lizzy Doyle

Publisher: Kingfisher (An imprint of Macmillan Children’s Books)

Type: Board Book

Age Group: 0 – 5 years

It is a book that I am truly grateful for. Reasons why this book is our current favourite, are:

  • Detailed illustrations <3
  • Words are minimal yet very impactful
  • The scenes take you from day to night
  • It covers activities like getting dressing up, eating breakfast, etc, so you can easily talk about “routine/ schedule” to the kiddos
  • Different settings from bedroom, waking up, breakfast, play, night time, woods
  • Doubles up as “My first 100 words” kind of book
  • Depicts women as professionals too
  • Did I tell you it’s perfect for seek and find game “where’s a cat?” “Do I see moon?”
  • Inclusive of people of all skin colors, hair colors
  • Many animal illustrations to familiarize with

This book has been a dear friend for almost 6 months and has been helpful in a variety of ways. You can talk about a lot of things, as listed above.

We may still not been there at “feeling” grateful but N has learnt to “say” thank you.

Reading/playing with this book has definitely instilled gratitude in my daily routine. Would you consider adding it for your little one?

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