Jan 252021
18 Must Have Books for Wildlife Fact Lovers (3-7 years)
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Sharing a list of animal/insect/wildlife/nature related non fiction books that my 6 year old daughter Kaavya and I enjoy going through.

1) Herbivorous Dinosaurs – Iguanodon: It’s a great read – learn and play book series. It has very big and colorful illustrations with information from head to toe. This book is about the Iguanodons’ body, their habitat, their lifestyle, etc.
Age group: 3-4+ years

2) First Facts – Dinosaurs: This book is one of our favourites. It has beautiful realistic illustrations and it’s backed up with sufficient information. It is a very age appropriate book. Age group: 3 – 4+ years

4) A Field Guide to Dinosaurs: This book is a gem. It’s my husband’s childhood book and we will treasure it forever. The book is like an encyclopedia, making it super full of details. You learn about the dinosaur era and all dinosaur periods, starting from the Triassic period, Jurassic period, Early and Mid Cretaceous period to the late Cretaceous period. Age group: 6 – 7+ years

5) My Amazing Book of Dinosaurs!: This is a fun book for all dino lovers, that is packed with amazing lift-the-flap pages. It’s a very interesting and colorful book and a must have for kids to add to their dino book collection. Age group: 4+ years

6) Reader’s Digest – Wildlife Atlas: truly a complete guide to animals and their habitats. We love this book, it’s very close to our hearts. Again, this too comes from my husband’s childhood collection. It is a must have for your curious readers. We fell in love with the fact that the book was filled with information on everything “wildlife”. The book is full of beautiful and real photos just like National Geographic Encyclopedia.
Age group: 4 – 5+ years

7) Endangered Animals Dictionary-An A to Z of Threatened Species: This is a great guide full of information on over 100 endangered animals, along with their size comparison pictures, distribution maps and risk rating. Yet another must have in your library. It has beautifully captured photographs along with amazing facts. Age group: 4+ years

8). The Jungle: This is a superb book which focuses on The Amazon Rainforest. It’s filled with camouflage pages and it gives an enchanting effect to the reader, like a whole 3D experience. This book is certainly a must have. Age group: 3 – 4+ years

9) Eyewitness-Insect: It’s a great book, full of information and a perfect way to explore the world of insects and creepy crawlies. It consists of information on numerous creatures on the planet including the most adaptable kinds, the various insects, their body parts, habitats etc. Every bug and creepy crawly lover must grab this book!
Age group: 4 – 5+ years

10) Bugs-Hide and Seek: A Beautiful book with rhyming descriptions and real life photographs. This book will surprise you with buggy facts, like how some bugs have the perfect shape and color to stay hidden and how they look like a part of the environment around them. Can you spot them? Play hide and seek with the bugs and watch out for the bug look-alikes! Age group: 4+ years

11) Woodland and Forest: Come on a journey to explore nature with fun facts and activities through this book. Discover amazing animals that live among the trees… find out how it feels … when you walk in the woods. Thrilling and super adventurous book.
Age group: 4+ years

12). Who am I? -Snowy Animals: Peep through the holes to guess who am I? It is a very easy and cute book for kids. Less text, beautiful pictures, snowy animals are hiding behind the pages, can you guess? Is it a polar bear, or a penguin or a snow goose? Cute yet informative book.
Age group: 2.5 – 3+ years (great for even older kids)

13) First Children Dictionary: Amazing book for curious minds, packed with colorful photographs that make the facts interesting. More than 3000 words and definitions to build vocabulary and spelling success. Words, meanings and opposites help you have a deeper learning. Highly recommended book. Age group: 5+ years

14) Encyclopedia: Amazing Questions & Answers series by Om Books: is one of our favourite books. This one is on Nature. It was gifted to Kaavya by her friend last year. We love this great book. If parents struggling with their children’s endless questions on How? When? Why? Where? then this series is the answer to all all queries. How is earth a greenhouse? How can you reduce carbon footprints, etc.

I call this series every parent’s lifeline… 😁😁😆
Starting from animals, bugs, weather, plants etc etc… you name it and you will find it in one of these books. Must must must grab.
Age group: 3.5/4 -8 years.

15). Bugs at Play: It’s a happy bugs button book adventure. It’s more of a fun book than fact book. It’s kind of a storybook.
Age group 3+ years

16). Around The World in 80 puzzles: Fun facts book from around the world by means of actitives. Brilliant to engage your curious readers.
Age group 3/4 years+

17) The Wonderous Workings of Planet Earth: This is a great book for understanding our world and its Ecosystem. Beautifully illustrated book, it covers everything from the great barrier reef to a single drop of water to the USA desert to the Arctic circle, thus explaining the biodiversity of planet earth.

Don’t miss this out, trust me, you will thank me later..😉
Age group 4+ years

18) Stencil Dinosaurs: Last but not the least! Another fun activity book, full of outstanding, ready to use stencils to make your own Jurassic park. A very creative book to engage your child.
Age group 3+ years

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