Apr 062020
A Beacon of Hope
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This cataclysmic epoch, like the rest shall pass,

Transient woes shall wither away;

Smiles will find its way back, through the downcast mass,

Cheer again will run ablaze, as wretched grief shall allay;

A warm breeze shall thaw the frozen sheets,

As laughter warms the chilly air;

Tight hugs and light kisses, will make the passing days sweet,

Fickle Time will drift into that period fair;

Mirth will sway the flitting days to life,

Humankind shall breathe of lost merry times;

Hope will course its way, into the sorrow so rife,

As a vivid rainbow washes away the gathering grime;

Upon bleak burial pits, radiant flowers will bloom,

As youthful aspirations shall soar in zealous fly;

Happy souls in intense raptures, will fill the emotion gladdened sky,

And blissful happiness shall again emerge from its shadow of gloom. 

                                 – Rehaan

Picture Credit: cmcva.org

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