Jan 042019
Review: A Quiet Night In
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Book: A quiet night in

Author: Jill Murphy

Ages: 0-6 years

If you had four children, precious but still four children, what would you want the most? That’s right. Amidst the chaos, noise and tiresome schedule all one would want is perhaps a quiet night in.

A thoughtful Mommy elephant is trying her best to make a wonderful surprise for the birthday boy, Daddy elephant. All the four elephant children are bathed and fed on time so Mommy and Daddy can celebrate Daddy’s birthday with a quiet night in. But when tired Daddy comes home to a beautifully decorated dinner, he prefers to sink in the comfy sofa instead. After being pestered to read a story, no sooner than later poor birthday boy is heard snoring. Mommy then attempts to finish the story, but meets the same fate as Daddy. The four children tuck their tired parents in and let them sleep.

When I read this story to my five year old do you know what he asked? He asked “Why are they so sleepy?” I then explained to him how both Mommy and Daddy have a lot of work to do in the day and they get little time to rest. He was so concerned and he even offered to help around the house so we too could have a quiet night in.

This story is a realist story combined with such a strong message of compassion that is shown within the family. I would love to have my son learn these basic values of compassion. This story definitely resonates with my belief – compassion begins at home and starts from the beginning even smaller ages too. 

The illustrations and language it simple and soft. It is actually a perfect bedtime story. Hopefully kids would not bounce around the house at night after they read this story. They too would want a quiet night in.

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