Aug 012022
Review: Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays
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Title: Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays

Author: Shabnam Minwalla

Publisher: Talking Cub – An imprint of Speaking Tiger Books

Type: Paperback

Pages: 160

Recommended Age: 8-10 years

Divit, my 9 yo got this book for participating in the #kbcbookbingo2022. I am submitting the review of this awesome book on behalf of Divit.

Tighten your seat belt for a fun ride!

This book is about 11 year old Nimmi Daruwala who is all set to start a new class and is looking forward to the spectabulous school days ahead. Yes.. you guessed it right. Spectabulous is a word – it is the combination of spectacular and fabulous and sounds way cooler than fabcular! But is the new class going to be what Nimmi is expecting?? Actually no.. the new class started on a very BAD note. You want to know why?

Well, to start with her skort- first cousin of skirt and shorts is not fitting her and then she finds the meanest guy from the class Sumit on her bus! Her best friend Sophia Mehta has changed after her trip to L.A. Sophia now has straight hair, thin cheeks and what-not. And also, she is somehow friends with Alisha Dubash, the meanest, most boastful girl in the class! Her favourite teacher Miss Tanvi has been replaced by the strict teacher-creature Miss Aatmaja. So you can tell it’s not going good. To make things worse, Sophia decided to have a football-theme birthday party with all the boys at the Gymkhana. Even worse, the boys were planning mind-boggling Ju-Ju Black Magic stuff that Tarun (Nimmi’s older brother who is 14) had told them about.

And if you think this was it .. NOPE. There’s more! Nimmi had to sign up for a campaign to save the gorgeous streets of Mumbai because her mother insisted. Things got bad here as well because the poster designer had put Nimmi’s face on the head of a terrifying spider. Everything was going wrong till she realised that she cannot get bullied by rude people and learnt to stand up for herself. Will things get better or be the same or will they change FOREVER?

The book is very funny and I really liked the language and the funny words Nimmi comes up with. Also the fact that Nimmi stands up for herself has taught me a valuable lesson. I was so excited to see there was a mention of my school – Bombay Scottish in the book! 

I really had a fun ride with Nimmi. And the funny thing is, I was going through a phase where I wasn’t too keen to read books with female protagonists but Cookie! and Nimmi have helped me change my mind… I won’t be surprised if Asha Aunty sends me another book with a girl protagonist next time!

Other books in the Nimmi series can be found here on Amazon.

Shabnam Minwalla is one of Aarini’s favourite authors and she highly recommends her books, especially the YA ones.

ADDED BY ASHA: New Release March 2023 – Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days 

If you enjoyed this review and want to have a fun ride with Nimmi like me, you can grab this book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


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