Dec 242018
Review: Maddi’s Fridge
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Maddi’s Fridge

Author: Lois Brandt

Soft book

Ages: 3 – 8 years

A lesson before the alphabets

Why are we so obsessed with children learning the alphabets and numbers first? We buy play mats and toys that have alphabets. But why is it so important? And should it really come first? Shouldn’t we teach kindness first?

If I had my way I would make this book mandatory for all ages to read and read again. This is truly a remarkable story book. My five year old feels the same way too. I am more happy that my son loved the book. After reading it once, he requested an encore.

Maddy’s Fridge is a story of two good friends – Maddy and Sophia. The girls are playing when suddenly Sophia discovers what is inside Maddy’s fridge – almost nothing. Maddy makes Sophia promise that she won’t tell anyone about her embarrassing situation. During the next few days Sophia keeps thinking about Maddy’s fridge especially when she is served a wholesome dinner. She wonders how she has dog food in her fridge but Maddy doesn’t even have for herself or for her brother.

Sophia packs cheese, an egg, in her bag for Maddy. Finally Sophia hesitatingly breaks her promise and tells her mother. They all pack food items and gift it to Maddy’s family.

I am so in love with this book. At first I was a bit skeptical whether my boy will become sad after reading it. I was happily surprised that the story was such a pleasant read despite the grave topic. It is not depressing and while reading it my five year old was able to understand that some children have food and others don’t. The author is very careful to balance emotions and positivity in the story. The illustrations are nicely done good cartoon figures and overall lovely look and feel.

The final lesson for my little story lover was

“We should give other people food and never waste what we have.”

Ahhhh….content mommy.   

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