Mar 242022

Review: Kindness With Mahavira

Are you kind? Do you practice it? Is it easy to practice it? How can you be kind? Are there ways to learn kindness? This beautifully illustrated book answers all these questions in the most enlightening way. 

Jan 032021

Review: Be Kind

What does it mean to be kind? That’s what this book explores, in a beautiful way. I was so mind blown at how well the book has explained kindness – through very limited text, amazing illustrations and especially the cascading effect of kindness.

Aug 012019

Review: How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids.

A book with a great lesson taught in a beautiful simple way. Excellent read to teach the concept of joys and worries which make or break our day sometimes. And how nothing compares to kindness to all.

Dec 242018

Review: Maddi’s Fridge

Why are we so obsessed with children learning the alphabets and numbers first? Shouldn’t we teach kindness first?