Jan 032021
Review: Be Kind
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Title: Be Kind

Author: Pat Zietlow Miller

Illustrator: Jen Hill

Type: Paperback/Hardcover

Recommended age group: 3-6 years

We are trying to introduce as well as acknowledge emotions in our 3 year old. Considering the fragility and turmoil the age group (2-3 years) brings along with itself, I am hopeful that the world of books helps our child out.

In this aspect, we have become great fans of ‘Be Kind’ by Pat Zietlow Miller – a book the toddler fondly refers to as ‘Tanisha book’. The story revolves around a girl called Tanisha whose one incident of spilling grape juice on her dress drenches her in embarrassment. She is not able to come to terms with the situation as her peers stare and make fun of her. The narrator however would like to help her feel better and just doesn’t know how! It makes the narrator (and perhaps reader) think what is it to be kind after all?

The book conveys the message of kindness and empathy beyond just the storyline. It’s one of those books where the “picture speaks louder than the words”. I think it is a must have book for every child.

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