Mar 072021

6 More Children’s Books With Heart (3-6 years)

Our reading journey has always been supported by a melting pot of different kinds of books. But the stories that we have seen work the magic that only books can, are the ones where the underlying thread is about human emotions. Little children deal with such big big feelings, and we often get trapped in naming those feelings. What has worked for us, though, is not naming them, but seeing them imbibed in characters, and learning how to nurture or manage them through the story arc.

Jan 242021

Review: Wonder

Wonder is a book about a child named August who has a craniofacial anomaly. This book is about his struggles in his life, and how he handles them.

Jan 032021

Review: Be Kind

What does it mean to be kind? That’s what this book explores, in a beautiful way. I was so mind blown at how well the book has explained kindness – through very limited text, amazing illustrations and especially the cascading effect of kindness.

Aug 012019

Review: How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids.

A book with a great lesson taught in a beautiful simple way. Excellent read to teach the concept of joys and worries which make or break our day sometimes. And how nothing compares to kindness to all.