Apr 162022
Review: My Trip To LA-LA Land
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Title: My Trip To La-La Land

Author: Nandita Da Cunha

Illustrator: Tasneem Amiruddin

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Harper Children’s

Age: 8 years+

Pages: 72

The book “My Trip To La-La Land” is about a nine-year-old girl called Tavishi (Tavs) whose summer vacation has just begun. Her mother tells Tavishi to accompany her on a trip to Ladakh where she wants to set up a library and build a playground in one of the schools in Ladakh. Tavs is reluctant to go to Ladakh as she thinks it will be boring. But when she meets Mr. Tiger Nose, his wife, daughter-Tashi who is 5 years old and her classmates in Ladakh, everything changes.

This book talks about the beautiful mountains of Ladakh. Also about the people, how they dress and what they eat. The headmaster’s wife wore a costume in honour of Tavishi’s family. Tav’s humorously described the her jewellery as dangly-jangli necklaces and Ladakh’s traditional tea as yummy gur- gurchai. The part where Tashi became a hairy bat in Tav’s imagination was also very funny!!

One day Tavs, her mom, Tashi and Mr. Tiger Nose go to school to set up a library. They all get stuck inside the school because of a thunder storm. Tavs reads some books to Tashi and her classmates (these happen to be my favorite books too!). After that, they all become very good friends.

Children who read this book will feel like they are in the book itself and will feel like a part of Tavishi’s travels as well as adventures!

My favourite part in this book is when Tashi asks,

“What’s in Didi’s box? Didi want a box?” Tavs replies, “Don’t touch them, mom will go nuts”. She runs to mom and says, “Nuts, Didi wants nuts. Give Didi nuts.”

Very very funny.

All big sisters like me can relate to Tavs, especially how Tavs felt when Tashi kept on following her. Hehe (of course I love my little sister). The story is funny and adventurous. After reading this book I now want to join the ”Wild Warrior Group”. I really really hope Tavishi’s mom plans for another trip and we get to travel along with Tavs to many other places.

The author gives tips for us to follow to be responsible travelers. There are beautiful pictures of Ladakh at the end of the book!! I loved this book!!

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