May 232023

Click click… Who Clicked That Pic? [Review]

Set in old Bombay during the Ganpati festival, Pari is looking for one perfect click. She sets out with her friend Parvez, hauling her enormous Rolleiflex camera that had only 10 photos left, in search of that perfect festival pic to earn one rupee.

Apr 162022

Review: My Trip To LA-LA Land

Tavs is reluctant to go to Ladakh as she thinks it will be boring. But when she meets Mr. Tiger Nose, his wife, daughter-Tashi who is 5 years old and her classmates in Ladakh, everything changes.

Feb 052022

Adventure loving Pedru wanted to see places, beyond his own village Rotnagaon. He plans to run away with his friend to search for a new village but unfortunately gets caught by his Pai! This made his Mai so angry that she told him one day you will wake up Pedru and BOOM your punishment will come.