Apr 162022

Review: My Trip To LA-LA Land

Tavs is reluctant to go to Ladakh as she thinks it will be boring. But when she meets Mr. Tiger Nose, his wife, daughter-Tashi who is 5 years old and her classmates in Ladakh, everything changes.

Feb 052022

Adventure loving Pedru wanted to see places, beyond his own village Rotnagaon. He plans to run away with his friend to search for a new village but unfortunately gets caught by his Pai! This made his Mai so angry that she told him one day you will wake up Pedru and BOOM your punishment will come. 

Dec 062021

Giggle Away With Tota Books! (3-7 years)

While we have many favourite publishers, the one that has given us the most giggles and happiness is undoubtedly Tota books. I think these books will have my heart forever.

Dec 022021

Review: Pedru And The Big Boom

Pedru And The Big Boom by Nandita Da Cunha is about a boy named Pedru and his struggle against a powerful enemy to save his village.

Mar 262021

Review: The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street

The story revolves around how a little girl, Zara, inspired by her old craft teacher from school, Miss Gappi, takes steps to revive a garden that has over the years been turned into a dump yard. Along the way, the reader is taken on an amazing journey of discovering recycling as well as looking after the environment, all of it woven together with an incredibly tender, heart touching story.