Jun 182023
Celebrating The Miracle on Kachhua Beach [Review]
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Title: The Miracle on Kachhua Beach
Author: Nandita da Cunha
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
Publisher: Kalpavriksh
Type: Paperback (28 pages)
Age Group: 6 – 10 years

The Miracle book series by Nandita Da Cunha and Priya Kurian duo is brilliant work of fiction based on real life changemakers. This second book of the series is inspired by a lawyer, Afroz Shah, whose determination could transform Mumbai’s Versova beach back into a serene spot.

This story encourages young readers to believe in themselves and never shy away from fulfilling their desires. Here, I am sharing what my 9 year old nature lover thinks of the book:

The story starts with Ori and his super organized collections. His classmates called him ‘Oddball Ori’ because he did not fit in. But he never gave up on his ideas. Instead. more smart ideas came to his mind that could possibly change his classmates’ perception. He continued being curious in class, he continued presenting awesome facts in show-and-tell, he never stopped trying even after his loving father said, “Ori, it can’t be done.”

One day, his friend, Clever Crow, brought him a special soda bottle cap that could make him famous. He just needed a little more (buckets and heaps more). He followed Clever Crow towards the garbage dump on ‘Kachhua Beach’ but he literally had to declare it a ‘Kachra Beach’.

Ori, as always, got yet another innocent idea that he shared with a strong and trusted adult, Swapna Aunty. But let’s be practical, one day at beach with a group of gym trainers could get you a bucket full of soda bottle caps but it was impossible to clean a massive health hazard.

Read this empowering book to experience the chain of impossible-made-possible events with delightful illustrations.

My favourite part was when Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings made their way to the sea and people formed a human chain to protect them. Any other writer would have ended the book when the turtles hatched but the story continued. The story continued, it was just another good day for Ori.

I also really like the presentation of recycling ideas in illustrations.

This book gives us children a hope that the world is full of helping hands. Sometimes the going gets tough but a few of them will never leave your side. You will eventually ignore all the mean people around you because you will get busy with your real friends and the coolest person ever, YOU.

The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it’s possible.
~ Charles Kingsleigh

The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street is the first book in this series.

Other books by the author are Just like Papa (read review here) and The Magic in My Fingers, chapter book Pedru and the Big Boom (for 10 years+), My Trip To La-La Land (8-12 years) , Who Clicked That Pic? is for 9 years+ and has been illustrated by Priya Kuriyan.

If you enjoyed this review and wish to achieve the impossible, you should get this book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


Disclaimer: Mona and her daughters are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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