Oct 232020
Review: Just Like Papa
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Title: Just Like Papa

Author: Nandita da Cunha

Illustrated by Shreya Sen

Type: Paperback

Age Group: 6-9 years

Of kids’ dreams & struggles and a brush with failure…

Just like Papa, a beautiful picture book by Nandita da Cunha, whimsically illustrated by Shreya Sen.

Little Gia is surrounded by art and colour. Paintings cover the walls of the home and her Dad’s studio. Dad affectionately tells his ‘Genius Gee’ that she will be an artist too. The little girl of course dreams of becoming a famous artist “just like papa” , each day as she finger paints and takes in the hues as her Dad paints.

On her 7th birthday birthday, she gets her very own easel boards and colours and paints, but when she picks up her brush, her mind goes blank!

Does this mean she can never be “Just like Papa?” Her Dad’s gentle attempts at cheering her with his own struggles with swimming, advice to just have fun with it and a reassurance that “atleast she tried” only serve to frustrate the determined child, who clearly had her heart set on it.

“She felt angry outside and small inside”

Then, Granny comes to visit and notices a painting missing. As Gia begins to tell her the story of the missing painting, she discovers her incredible talent! In an heartwarming way, she discovers how she can be just like Papa!

The beautiful watercolor illustrations, Dad’s unusual look, touches of Goan attire and neighbourhoods add a cheerful appeal to this lovely picture book. Simply and importantly, ‘Just Like Papa’ allows a gentle opening to dealing with a first brush with failure.

Originally published here.

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