Jan 022019
Review: Tyrannosaurus Drip
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Book: Tyrannosaurus Drip

Author: Julia Donaldson

Soft book

Ages: 2-7 years

A tale of clash and courage

Tyrannosaurus drip is yet another quirky and interesting tale from our favorite author, Julia Donaldson. She is such a talented writer! My five year old boy is so fond of dinosaurs so this story is very special to him and all dino-loving kids. The pictures really took us back into the dinosaur age.  

My boy’s favorite part of the story was when an egg of the peace-loving, vegan duckbill dinosaur lands up in between those of the meat eating, war-loving Tyrannosaurus and hatches. When the ‘different’ baby dinosaur grows, he is mocked by his sister. At this part of the story, I asked my boy,

“Is this right for the sister to make fun of him because he is different?” He shouted out “Noooo!”

The Duckbill and Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs are separated by a river, that keeps the duckbills safe. Both sides have fun cheers that they sing together.

The duckbills cheer “Up with the river , Down with the war.” And the Tyrannosaurus shout exactly the opposite –  “Up with hunting, up with war.”

Here is where we make it fun. Me and my boy shout every time the cheers come in the story. He shouts loudly and it becomes a fun role play. We become the dinosaurs.

The story also has a lesson like all stories written by Julia. When suddenly a tree falls and forms a bridge over the river, the same little duckbill shows his courage. He stand up against the bullies who try to attack. But he then uses his cleverness to protect the duckbill dinosaurs. And me and my boy clap for the Duckbills.

This story may have a very few hard words that are difficult to pronounce but the rhymes make it easier to read out. We both enjoyed the pictures, pretending to be dinosaurs and the inspiring small defeat the bullies story.

Other books written by Julia which we have read are –
Room on the Broom , The Snail and the Whale, The Smartest Giant in Town,
The Gruffalo (read review here) and The Gruffalo’s Child. We actually bought the whole set of books by Julia. We have read them many times and it is worth the investment.

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  1. priya, this review makes me want to read this book right now!
    as a child i never read julia d, and i can’t recollect reading her books with my childoo either. too bad we didn’t have Kids Book Café then!


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