Jan 022019
Review: Big Bears Can!
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Book: Big Bears Can!

Author: David Bedford

A book about the Dads

While my five year old and I were reading this book, we couldn’t help but laugh at how similar our own home is to the story.

My son only said “This is just like papa.” I pointed to him and said “Just like my naughty little bear.”

This is an adorable story of a bear family. I love bear family stories I think I have purchased many of them like ‘I forgot to say I love you’ and Mother Knows Best. I think bears are cuddly characters and we both enjoy reading about them.

When the mommy bear leaves the house Papa bear is left all alone in charge of the baby bear. Baby bear is so mischievous, the whole house turns upside down. Baby bear keeps challenging Papa Bear by asking him if Big Bears can do all sorts of funny activities like bouncing off the sofa and swinging from the curtains. Papa bear also starts acting like a child only and gives into his son’s provokation. This leaves the house in a complete mess.Mommy bear comes back home angry.

It happens to us doesn’t it? I remember when my son was a toddler, the house would be in a complete mess if I left him alone with his Papa.

It is a lovely story which my boy enjoys every time we read it together. There are parts of the story we sing together and shout “Big bears can!” when Papa bear is challenged by baby bear to do a task like bouncing off the sofa.

The illustrations are very nice and soft. The bears look real and my boy loves flipping though all the pages just to see the little bear swinging on the curtains and crawling under the carpet.

This one is apart of our fun family reads.

Other books written by David Bedford are Big Bear Little Bear and The Way I Love You.

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