Jan 022019
Review: Dear Zoo
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Book: Dear Zoo

Author: Rod Campbell

Board Book/Paperback

Ages: 1-4 years

Animals are Fun!

Imagine having a Lion as a pet. How about a camel? Such a cute little tale for all infants and young toddlers. Dear Zoo is a book I would read to my young infant to teach him about animals. And we both had so much fun. This story is not just a book but has also become a theater play for children too.  Now that my boy is five years old he reads the book on his own. In fact he has read this story book so many times that by now he has memorized it.

The story is a letter to the zoo from a child asking the zoo to send a pet. We both would start off reading “I wrote to the Zoo to bring me a pet so they sent me a…”…here my baby would lift the flap with excitement and shout out the name of the animal hiding behind the flap. The flaps are clearly his favorite part of the book. It is like a game of hide and seek with the animals in the book.

For me, a mom who loves lessons, I loved how the book connects animals of the zoo with basic characteristics. It makes it fun that the zoo would send a snake, lion, monkey and a camel to a child for a pet.

And finally when the zoo sends the perfect pet, a puppy, my boy shouts “Mumma, I want a puppy! It’s perfect.” And so its the story book – perfect.

Warning to the Moms: After reading this and also watching other cartoons like paw patrols, you may just get a request for a pet puppy.

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