Jun 032023
June and books we loved over the moon!
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We’ve been excited with major deals on Amazon! Here are some of the books that got ordered over and over again!

Where’s My Peacock? (1-3 years) also available in series

Pop-Up Fairytales: Jack and the Beanstalk for 2-5 years. Vichithra has shared inside pages in the fb group here. “A good old tale in novelty format. This book by little tiger press illustrates the classic tale with pop up, lift the flap, trace and with some pits. It is a large board book with good illustration of castle, beanstalk, etc., Though the text is more which is apt for 3+ we can tell story in short for little ones with pop ups and lift the flap..”

Snuggle the Baby (12 pages) Vichithra has shared the inside pages here in the fb group. To quote her:

“It’s an interactive and busy board book for little ones. How a baby is tickled, fed, rocked, diapered, swaddled and tucked are the interactivities in this book. There is a small paper feeding bottle and a cute swaddled paper baby doll to play and interact with in this book. This readily attracts the tots. There is also a brief narration how each activity to be done with clear instruction and beautiful illustration. This book is so apt for toddler welcoming new baby and would be liked by any toddler.”

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa by My Indian Baby Books (juggarnaut) – 20 pages. Vichithra has shared inside pages here in the fb group.

“This book is with Indian illustration and cute and funny pics. You can see the pictures illustrated are of typical Indian family and Indian home.

There are many other titles of nursery rhymes in this series but this one is our favourite.”

Also available in BOXSET1 My Indian baby book Rhymes of 5 books as well as BOXSET2 My Indian baby book Rhymes of 5 books.

My First Thomas & Friends (Character Boards) for 1.5 years+ – Vichithra has this one and has shared inside pages in the fb group here. “This is a large board book of the classic series Thomas and friends with lot of pictures and less words. Thomas and friends bring animals from various parts of the world to Sodor for animal parade. When they arrive there was rain but soon rain stopped and they enjoy the parade.”


Dino-Baby (3-5 years)

Funnybones: Mystery Tour (3-5 years) also available in series

Two Can Toucan (3-5 years)

Agnes and the Sheep: A heart-warming tale of appreciation and gratitude (Agnes and Friends) for 3-5 years. Punidha recommends it. “It’s more about being thankful and be happy with what you’ve got”

Sweep (3-6 years)

The Grunt and the Grouch (3-6 years)

Agent Llama (3-6 years) also available in series

The Wonder Machine (3-6 years)

For 3-6 years – NO MORE WORRIES SERIES by Dr Sharie Coombes

Princess Louise and the Nameless Dread (No More Worries) – about starting school
A Dragon Called Worry (No More Worries) – about making new friends
Sleep Tight, Little Knight (No More Worries) – to help shoo away bad dreams – Sowmya has this one and has shared a review in the fb group with an inside page here. In her words: “Nightmares can trouble young children and blur the line between imagination and reality. The story revolves around a child who is frightened by bad dreams. He is soothed by his father who likens the child to a brave knight.

The author provides valuable grounding techniques that parents can use to calm their children. With bright and beautiful pictures to compliment the story, this is a perfect guidebook for parents and children, to deal with nightmares! 😴

Age recommendation: 3 years and above”

Noah and the No-Good Baby (No More Worries) – to help with new sibling arrival

All of Dr Sharie Coombes’ books can be found here.

Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny: A story about yoga, calm and mindfulness (3-6 years)

Tyrone O’Saurus Dreams (3-7 years)

A Ticket for Cricket (3-7 years)

A Bear Called Paddington (3-10 years)

Augustus and His Smile

SO COOL! FROGS (32 pages)

SO CUTE! PENGUINS (32 pages)

Snow Ghost (32 pages)

A Quiet Quiet House (32 pages)

10, 9, 8… Owls Up Late!: A Countdown to Bedtime (32 pages)

I am a Bird (32 pages)

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (32 pages)

Wonder Walkers for 3-7 years (32 pages) – award winning

I Is for Immigrants (40 pages)

Something’s Moving (40 pages) published by Karadi Tales

Clean Air (Sally Ride Science) – 40 pages

Happy Fell #3 (Arnold and Louise) (64 pages) also available in series

Magic Betsey (80 pages) also available in series

Lottie Dolls: Lottie Solves a Mystery (4-7 years) also available in series

Good Egg And The Talent Show (I Can Read Level 1) (4-8 years)

A Walk in the Words (4-8 years)

The Tiny Chef: and da mishing weshipee blook (4-8 years) also available in series

Axel The Truck: Beach Race (4-8 years) also available in series

Knot Cannot (4-8 years)

MONSTROUS MAUD: BIG FRIGHT (5-8 years) also available in series

Rider Woofson – The Case Of The Missing Tigers Eye (5-9 years) also available in series

Why Pursue A Dream? (5-10 years)

FRANKIE’S MAGIC FOOTBALL 15: DEEP SEA DIVE (6-8 years) also available in series

Bones and the Football Mystery (6-8 years)

The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids! (6-9 years)

Bots: The Lost Camera (128 pages) also available in series

A Ladybird Book: Trees (7-9 years)

I’m an Activist (7-9 years)

Melvin Beederman: Superhero 6 – Attack Of The Valley Girls (7-10 years) also available in series

USBORNE SCRIBBLE BOOKS for 7-11 years recommended by Mansi.

Doctor Who series (7-12 years)

The Boy In The Dark Hole (8 years+)

THE TRAPDOOR MYSTERIES: THE SCENT OF DANGER (144 pages) also available in series

 Wildlife in Your Garden (160 pages)

Super Cats v Dr Specs (160 pages) also available in series

Marge and the Pirate Baby (176 pages) also available in series

Bitter by Akwaeke Emezi for 12 years+


Colour Bears: Colour Bears introduces the principles of colour-mixing through a simple story. (Collins Big Cat) 

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