Dec 242018
Review: Spot the Mummy in the Museum
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Spot the Mummy in the Museum

Author: Sarah Khan

Soft book

Ages: 4-8 years

Who said books are only about reading? If you have a child like mine who gets a bit bored very easily especially when it comes to reading everyday, this book may just be of help.

My five year old initially loved reading till he got bored of reading the same type of books. Even the whole activity of sitting down in one place to concentrate was an unpleasant idea for him. When he started to run away when it was reading time, I knew it was a time to introduce a different type of book to rekindle his love for books.

I got Spot the Mummy in the Museum and my boy had such a blast. We both love dinosaurs and historic tales so a book trip to the museum was a wonderful book concept. The book combines fun historical facts along with fun treasures to find. Each page is filled with a different museum scene. One page is all about dinosaurs and there is also a page on Egyptian Pharos. Each page is intricately designed and contains different items that you have to find. At first my five year old was unable to find all the items hidden in the page, so I helped by showing him the area. But then he picked up fast and was able to find all the hidden treasures. To make it even more fun we had a contest between us “Who can find the treasure first?” This got him really excited.  

He was interested to know more about Greek history. It was a fantastic way to teach my boy a little world history with a lot of fun. This is a great activity book that is challenging for kids of the age 4 – 7 years. As long as you explain to them and encourage them not to give up, they will find this book really fun.

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