Feb 182021
Review: The Little House
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Title: The Little House

Author: Virginia Lee Burton

Type: paperback

Age group: 4 – 7 years

Today me and my daughter re-read another wonderful wonderful book “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton.

I cannot talk enough about this book, there are so so many life lessons in this book! It teaches our children about our environment, how we are ruining our beautiful earth with so much of urbanization, it teaches them about the cycle of life and seasons, it teaches them the value of simple and beautiful things in life.

It’s a story of a little house which is located in a country with beautiful fields, flowers and trees around. The house is curious about the city lights coming from a distance and longs to see what lies there. Soon there is so much of transformation due to urbanization around the house that it longs for the simple, beautiful surroundings from its past. It’s a lovely book for children age 4 – 7 years..

Today I was amazed to hear another lesson that my little one derived from the story.

She was like, “Mumma the house had become dirty, shabby and old from outside but it was still strong from inside and it’s just like our heart – no matter what our age is, young or adult or old, our heart stays the same way, it doesn’t change with age or seasons”.

She once again amazed me and that’s what readers are like, they have depth.

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