Jan 042019
Review: Goose on the Loose
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Book: Goose on the Loose

Author: Phil Roxbee Cox & Stephen Cartwright

Soft book

Ages: 2-6 years

Phonetics made fun!

I have purchased many books from the collection, Usborne Phonics Readers. Other books from this collection that we have also read are Fox on a Box (read the review here). and Frog on a Log. I started reading these books to my boy when he was three years old. And now that he is five, he reads them to me.  

At the age of three my son loved looking at the pictures. The lift the flap also made it much more exciting. That really helped me capture his attention.  In fact before I could even read the page he would start lifting the flap to see who hiding on the other side.

My five year old loves the idea of a naughty goose driving on his scooter madly through the zoo, causing havoc among the animals. Every single time we read this book, he always asks me the same questions –

“What is cockatoo and hullabaloo?” I explain “cockatoos are a type of bird and a hullabaloo is chaos and noise. Something you create at play time.”

The words are simple for early readers and this book is just a lot of fun to read. The rhymes make reading much easier for the child as they develop a rhythm while they read.  Especially when the goose lands up the the penguin pool.

Goose on the Loose is a Usborne Phonics Readers book. As mentioned in these books, these books are intelligently crafted with the help of language experts and takes into consideration effective ways to teach reading. They even mention the name of the language expert in the book description. Usborne published books are highly recommended for early readers. We have collected quite a few of them ourselves.

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