Sep 222021
Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef – A New Children’s Book Smashes Gender Stereotypes [Review]
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Title: Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef

Author: Vibha Bhatra

Illustrator: Shamika Chaves

Publisher: Scholastic India

Type: Paperback

Age Group: 8 – 12 years

Pages: 200

This book is about a young boy called Pinkoo, who aspires to be a pastry chef but this remains a secret dream as his father wants him to become a shooting champ. Pinkoo wants to win a local Bake-A-Thon event but he wants to do it without papaji (Father) knowing about it. With the help of his best friend Manu, his sidekick and little cousin Tutu, and classmate Nimrat, Pinkoo secretly trains for the competition. He does not do it alone but has Gurdasji and Datthi bhaiya are always there to keep an eye.

Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef by Vibha Bhatra smashes gender stereotypes on so many levels. A boy wanting to be a baker, and a young girl expressing her opinions without any hesitation is an absolute delight to read about. This book is straightforward, extremely funny, and subtly inspiring. Sometimes, funny books have a disappointing plot but this book is sensible and fast-paced.

Even before reading this book, I knew it would be a delightful read just by looking at the cover and page illustrations by Shamika Chaves. I absolutely loved the illustrations. They were cute, quirky, and adorable.

The only thing I found hard was the few terms that were in Hindi. But they weren’t complicated as they had a glossary.

A book with an interesting plot, casual writing style, funky illustrations, inspiring story, and sensible message is very rare. I am very glad I was part of the pinkooshergill contest conducted by Kids Book Café and won this awesome book.

This book is a definite YAYYYYYYY!

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