Sep 232021
Smash It, Butterfingers! A Smashing Read!! [Review]
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Title: Smash It, Butterfingers!

Author: Khyrunissa A.

Publisher: Penguin Books

Type: Paperback

Age group: 9-12 years

I am writing this review on behalf of my 8yo Divit. Am very thankful to Kbc for this opportunity to review this absolutely amazing book.

This lovely book is one from the Butterfingers series. It’s the story of Amar Kishen and his friends who are grade 8 students of Green Park School.

Well life should be full of adventures and this is exactly what this story is about. Has it ever happened to you, when you have got indications about something big happening in your life?? It surely happened with Amar.

He saw Saina Naiwal and P. V. Sindhu in his dream and then he tripped over a brand new badminton racket his dad had got from his office. While Amar landed up in the hospital with a possible fracture of the hand, the principal of Green Park School was struggling to handle a situation. They had misused some funds meant for buying books for their lab and now an inspection was coming up. While their principal started fretting about how to get out of this situation something happened that was nothing short of a miracle.

The miracle came in the form of an email from a very eccentric millionaire Brijesh K. Singh who wanted to hold a badminton tournament between two schools. Not just any two schools mind you! Two of the schools listed no. 13 in the directory of two adjoining cities were to compete against each other on Friday, the 13th!! Yes, Mr. Brijesh had a point to prove. He wanted to get the word superstition out of everyone’s mind and this was his way to convince people that there is no concept of being lucky or unlucky. Everything that happens has a reason behind it.

The school, of course, was enthralled to get such an opportunity, the kids too excited to get a chance to play and the principal much relieved to get a way out by winning the prize money which he planned to use for getting books for the school library. But was it this simple and straightforward? Will the match be finally held or the school black cat Ozymandias would be a bad omen. In all the excitement the boys even help solve some scams in the city hospital!

This book is a full on adventure ride packed with loads of action, a very energetic Badminton match and even a band performance! Oh and the mystery behind the letter K in Mr. Brijesh’s name is the best part!

If you love sports and want to be part of solving a few mysteries do grab your copy!

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