Jun 112022
Review: The Ghost
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Title: The Ghost

Author: Keki N. Daruwalla

Illustrator: Ekta Bharti

Publisher: Talking Cub (Speaking Tiger Books)

Type: Paperback

Pages: 16

Age group: 5-6 years

When I received this book, I thought it would be a really scary book about ghosts! How will I introduce this subject to my kids? Are my children really ready to read about ghosts?

Will they be scared of this term after reading this book?

But all these worries completely vanish into thin air as soon as we start reading this one. It is in the form of a sweet and funny poem about ghosts. It tells you about all kinds of ghosts one can meet. They are transparent, they are bad hosts & worst guests. They don’t bring bad omens…

In the later part, it says that once there were so many stories which were full of ghosts and tries to bring about a tinge of fear by telling us that there were old hotels where stairs creak and door hinges speak; A forest guard who saw one fifths of a ghost face; and a few more of which we used to listen to and read about way back in our childhood. It brought a sense of nostalgia and the funnier illustrations did not let the spookiness creep in.

We had super fun reading out this book and even more looking at the pictures on each and every page.

If you want to introduce ghosts to your children, there can’t be a better book than this one. A hilarious read aloud with big and funny illustrations makes it a wonderful read for 5+ years.

Bhavik & Aashvi both loved the illustrations the most.. Aashvi even tried to draw a few on her drawing book. We loved looking at them over again & again even after reading the book. This was one of the books which helped two of them bond over the pictures!

Thanks to kids book café for sending us the review copy of The Ghost and giving us the opportunity to read and review the book based on the topic which we haven’t read before.

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