Sep 062021
Book Review: Hope – Project Animal Shelter – A Book for Pre-Teen
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Book Tittle: Hope – Project Animal Rescue

Author: Alyssa Milano

Illustrator: Eric S. Keyes

Publisher: Scholastic

Type: Paperback

Recommended Age: 10-12 years

My 10-year-old daughter, Aanya read the book and dictated her review to me.

This story is about Hope Roberts, a middle schooler studying at JKF Middle School, trying to save a local animal shelter from closing down.

Story in brief

Hope Roberts is a middle schooler, who loves animals and takes care of dogs, both pet and stray. When she comes to know that one of the local animal shelters is closing down due to lack of funds, she takes it upon herself to save the shelter and her furry friends.

She engages in various activities to collect funds for the shelter. She organizes events like Yappy Hour and Barkery. Her friend, Camila has a bakery. Hope asks her if she can organise an event for the shelter. Camila gives her the idea of creating a Barkery which basically is a bakery for dogs. Camila bakes yummy and tasty treats for dogs and of course they love the treats. Hope asks Shep, Connor and Henry, the science class boys, to make a kennel cam for the live event. Her friend Grace helps her with organising the events.

Is she able to collect enough funds to keep the shelter afloat? Read the story to find out.


What I like about the book is that it talks about real problems of children my age. Hope is like any other pre-teen, middle schooler who has to handle school stuff like studies and science projects and has an irritating elder sister, Marie she often fights with.

What I learnt from the story is that if you believe in something strongly, you should fight for it.

Anshu’s view

While the story was engaging, it does talk about “crushes”. My daughter asked me about this term and I explained it to her keeping in mind her age and sensibilities. I am not sure about other kids, but I realised that she and her group of friends were ignorant of this term.

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