Sep 052021
The Nursery Teacher #kbcPinkooShergill
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Here is our contest entry by Priya and Reyansh for #kbcPinkooShergill

The nursery teacher

Virat was always a kind person. Even when he was a small boy, he was the one who resolved quarrels calmly and patiently, while the other boys of his age resorted to fistfights and slurs. He would never lose his cool. He was the teacher’s favorite because he listened intently and also helped his other classmates.

But the most remarkable thing about Virat was not his patience or kindness but his eagerness to learn and share his learnings with others. 

Every day Virat would walk to his office. On the way, there was a primary school, The Little Cubs. As soon as the bright-colored gate would near, Virat would automatically have a smile on his face. Just watching all the small playful children filled his heart with joy. But then with a glum face, he would walk on and spend the whole day fixing IT issues for others in his office. If it were up to him, he would have loved to be a primary teacher. He loved children. 

“What, a primary teacher? You want to teach children and do a women’s job? What will our relatives say?” His parents reprimanded him when he was younger, for such a thought. 

“You will take up IT. It is more respectable.” His father commanded. 

And so, Virat became an IT professional. The same Virat who loved connecting with people and expressing his creativity was made to sit in front of a lifeless computer day in and day out. 

His family was very proud of him. “See son, look how much you earn and how respectful you have become. Imagine, if you had become a nursery teacher.” His father would constantly remind him of the wise choice he had made. But in his heart, he didn’t feel wise at all. 

“If this was a wise decision  then why am I not happy?” Virat would ask himself. 

One day on his way to the office he saw a job posting in front of the school. His heart raced and he decided to apply without his family knowing of it.

On the day of the interview, he went to the school sharply dressed. He sat in a waiting room filled with women. 

“What am I doing? Maybe Father was right after all.” He left the room.

On his way to the school gate he noticed a little girl up on top of the tree playhouse crying. 

“Hey there. Are you alright?” Virat asked. 

She just kept sobbing. 

“Are you afraid to come down the pole?” 

She looked embarrassed but stopped crying. 

“I get afraid too. Can I tell you what helps me?” 

She looked at him and nodded. 

“Well, whenever I am afraid all I do is think of the most powerful person I know and do what they would do. What’s your name?”

“Anika,” she replied. 

“Anika, you seem to be very brave. And brave people get afraid sometimes. Who do you think is the most powerful person?”

“My Papa.” She smiled. 

“Of course. Your Papa would strongly hold the pole with both hands and wrap both feet like this.” He helped her down the pole. 

“Thank you, Sir.” Anika gave a gentle hug and ran off.

“Sir.” That sounds right. 

He went back inside the room. After his interview, Virat was offered the role of Nursery teacher. 

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