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Review: One Day Elsewhere: A Giant Leap: 1969, We Walked on the Moon.
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Title: One Day Elsewhere: A Giant Leap: 1969, We Walked on the Moon

Author: Thomas Scotto

Illustrator: Barroux

Translated from French by Nakashi Chowdhry

This is one of the books in the ‘One Day Elsewhere’ series by Puffin books (an imprint of Penguin Random House).

Recommended Age Group: 7-10 years

One Day Elsewhere in history – is such an interesting concept. This book was love at first sight for both Sharav and Me.

It’s a stunning book that talks about a momentous event in history; the first step on the Moon. You must be wondering what’s so unique. The story is told from the eye of a young girl. June is waiting for her baby brother’s little steps to land whereas everyone else in the world is waiting for the astronauts to walk on the Moon.

It’s 20th July 1969, June is waiting for the big moment. It is a big night when Dad launches the rocket car, passing the Saturn Coffee Shop & Collins Bookstore, and lands straight at the hospital. The nine months voyage was nearing its end; a new baby was about to land in the world. But the world is desperately waiting for the American rocket Saturn V to land on the Moon. The world’s waiting for the three men – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Collins to take their first steps on Moon.

How the elements of this big historic event are told through June’s story is remarkable. How the author weaves two celebratory events into one is what makes the story unique and absorbing. The book also has a ‘Learn More’ section in the end. The amount of information provided is well enough to stimulate the young minds without overwhelming them. This book is a beautifully crafted piece of writing. Not to forget the gorgeous illustrations that make the story vivid and helps to bond instantly.

I won’t shy away from saying that there couldn’t be a better and easy way of presenting a historical event to children.

Sharav had a crescent Moon smile on his face throughout the story as if he was accompanying June in her wait as if he too was celebrating the landing of the little eagle in Mom’s arms.

Our favourite page from the book

We loved reading this book. I’m sure you all will love it too. Happy Reading!

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